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Cecilia Westin

Chair of the Paramedical Board

Carlanderska Sjukhemmet
Fertility center Scandinavia
P.O. Box 5418
402 29 Göteborg
Tel +46 31 710 4625
Fax +46 31 778 4601


Cecilia completed her studies as a clinical laboratory scientist in 1983 in Uppsala, Sweden.

She began working with IVF in 1996 at the Reproduktionscentrum, Uppsala, Sweden.

In 2001 Cecilia started working at Fertilitetscentrum in Gothenburg, Sweden which is one of the leading fertility clinics in Sweden. In 2011 she received the ESHRE Clinical Embryologist Certification.

Cecilia’s experience covers most techniques used in assisted reproduction and she has participated in several clinical studies.

She has had a major role developing a system for oocyte and blastocyst vitrification at Fertilitetscentrum. She has also been active in workshops teaching vitrification methods to embryologists from all parts of the world.

Cecilia is member of several national and international professional bodies including Nordic Fertility Society and Swedish Society for Reproductive Medicine (SSRM). In 2010 she became an active member of the paramedical board.