Endometriosis awareness 2018

Endometriosis Awareness activities take place across the globe during the month of March with a mission to raise awareness of a disease which affects up to 1 out of 10 women. 

ESHRE wants to support doctors by providing evidence-based tools and cutting-edge knowledge about endometriosis for a better care of their patients.

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Endometriosis awareness - A collection of key research from ESHRE

In support of Endometriosis Awareness Week, the journals' Editors have selected key papers on the topic of endometriosis, which will be freely available (until 30 April 2018) for you to explore in support of the awareness campaign.

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Surgery in endometriosis

ESHRE recently published recommendations for the surgical treatment of endometriosis. The paper and videos are accessible here



You now have access to the lectures of the latest E-Campus course of the ESHRE Special Interest Group Endometriosis and Endometrial disorders - Methodological approaches for investigating endometrial function and endometriosis

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FAQs about endometriosis

Dr Carla Tomassetti answers three frequently asked questions about endometriosis.

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Patient version ESHRE guideline

This version aims at involving patients in healthcare improvement, either by learning about the current standard of care, or by enabling patients to make informed decisions on their health, supported by the best available evidence. 

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