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Annick Geril


University Hospital Ghent
Afd. Reproductieve Geneeskunde 2P3
De Pintelaan 185
9000 Ghent
Tel +32 933 254 75
Fax +32 933 249 72


Mrs Annick Geril graduated as a midwife in 1984.

From 1985 she worked full time as a midwife at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine of the University Hospital Brussels under the guidance of Prof Devroey and Van Steirteghem.

There she took part in consultation, ultrasound scanning, operating room, counseling and clinical procedures. After further studies she became headmidwife.

Since 2001 she is working at the Departement of Reproductive Medicine at the University Hospital Ghent under Prof. De Sutter. There she is responsible for the organization of a group of 19 midwifes performing counseling, taking part in consultation, ultrasound scanning and assisting oocyte-retrievals and embryo transferts.

She feels that the role of the paramedical employees in the field of Reproductive Medicine has elaborated and has extensively increased upon the establishment of the European Tissue and Cells Directive. Although, this Directive is mainly on quality and safety of human tissues and cells, it has also caused a shift in daily work of nurses and midwifes. For this reason it looked very stimulating and attractive to her to be able to take part in a society that provides a platform for this specific group of professionals.

In March 2014 she was selected as board member of the Paramedical Group of ESHRE.