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Eline Dancet


Dr Eline Dancet
Leuven University Hospital
Tel: +32 163 436 51

Eline Dancet has worked as a fertility midwife and currently holds a full time postdoctoral research fellowship of the Research Foundation Flanders (Belgium). Eline is developing and evaluating patient-driven fertility care interventions at the Universities of Leuven (Belgium) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands). She teaches and empowers Master and PhD-students. The PhD thesis of Eline focused on ‘Bridging the gap between evidence based and patient-centered fertility and endometriosis care’. This thesis was defended in 2012 as a joint degree of the Leuven University (Belgium) and the Radboud University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Eline has received an 'ESHRE nurse/midwife award' and has been a board member of the ESHRE paramedical group. Eline is currently co-ordinator of the steering committee of the ESHRE Nurses and Midwifes certification.