Clara Pardos Torrents


Ms. Clara Pardos Torrents
Salud de la Mujer Dexeus
Joan Torras nº 22-24, Sobreatico 2ª
08030 Barcelona
Tel +34 659 134 433 


Clara is a registered nurse at the Reproductive Medicine Service of Hospital Universitario Dexeus in Barcelona. She started working as a secretary for the centre and, as she grew fascinated with the field, she finished nursing school and immediately started working as a reproductive nurse. Her main interests have been both at the patient and at the nurse level. She has continuously worked on patient counselling and improving patient experience before, during and after the infertility journey. On the nurse level, she advocates nurses’ responsibilities in the human reproduction field as well as increasing involvement during the process. She has actively participated in national and international meetings. She received her University Degree (University Expert in Nursing in Assisted Reproduction) by Rey Juan Carlos I University in Madrid, and the Spanish Fertility Society in 2014. She also received the Nurse and Midwife Certification in 2015. On a personal level, she loves spending time with her family, both her real family her chosen family in the clinic.