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Reproductive Surgery

Currently there are 1077 ESHRE members affiliated to the SIG Reproductive Surgery (March 2015)


Aims of the Special Interest Group on Reproductive Surgery

• to promote minimal invasive diagnostic tools.

• to promote the surgical therapy of “organic” causes of infertility as first step of treatment of infertile couples in order to re-establish fertility or create the best conditions to improve ART outcome.

• Primum non nocere: SIG RS in concerned also to safety in surgery. Safe surgical access, correct use of instruments in particular electric ones, prevention of surgery-correlated injuries specially in endoscopic techniques have to be correctly acquired form young surgeons before starting (seems obvious but isn’t).


General Goals

• The organisation of symposia and training activities with a particular care addressed to residents and young clinicians.

• Organisation of pre congress courses on ESHRE congresses

• Organisation of live surgery sessions involving expert clinicians

• To cooperate with other endoscopic society in order to create a network of teaching institutes.