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Temporary Evacuation of ESHRE at RAI Amsterdam

A section of the Holland Complex at RAI Amsterdam was temporarily evacuated today following the discovery of a suspicious package. RAI Amsterdam's security team immediately initiated protocols, and authorities took over to conduct a thorough investigation. Visitors and staff were promptly and orderly evacuated. The investigation revealed it was a false alarm.

As RAI Amsterdam, we regret the inconvenience caused to all visitors attending the event. The safety of our guests and staff is our utmost priority. We appreciate the swift and professional response of the ESHRE organiser, the involved teams, and the emergency services. The coordinated approach underscores the commitment to safety by all parties involved

ESHRE condemns latest attacks on Ukraine and calls for renewed efforts to end conflict globally

ESHRE condemns the missile strikes by Russia against Ukraine which have resulted in dozens of fatalities and caused major damage to the Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital, Ukraine's biggest paediatrics facility.

The Female Reproductive Genetics Initiative: Embrace Genetic Wisdom for Female Fertility

We are proud to introduce you to the Female Reproductive Genetics Initiative (FeRGI) which is supported by ESHRE and launched within the Special Interest Group (SIG) Reproductive Genetics.

A new ESHRE and ESHG paper is now published in Human Reproduction

This paper presents the results of a cross-sectional survey to assess the current practice and views on expanded carrier screening in European MAR centres using. Discover the full insights and findings in our detailed study.