How to apply

If you want to enroll your clinic in the ESHRE ART Centre Certification for good clinical practice, you should apply and follow these different steps:

STEP 1- The first part of the application form needs to be filled online here. This part of the application mainly covers general information about your centre (staff information, treatments information, professional profiles…)

STEP 2- Your application will be reviewed by the Steering Committee

STEP 3- When the application is accepted, a request for payment of 2000 Euro (excl. VAT) will be sent.

STEP 4 - As soon as your payment is received, you will receive a link to checklists that will need to be filled in. It can take several hours to fill in the checklists. The application platform is designed to save work in progress and allows you to fill in the checklists in several sessions. Click here to preview the (sub-)categories

STEP 5 - When the checklists are completed, 2 inspectors will be assigned to your application and will score it. If the score is satisfactory, a site visit can be scheduled for both inspectors.

STEP 6 - A second request for payment of 3000 Euro (excl. VAT) will be sent before scheduling the site visit.

STEP 7 - A site visit with 2 inspectors will take place to double check the accuracy of the answers from the checklists.

STEP 8 -  A report with recommendations will be written and if the visit is satisfactory a certificate will be released. The certificate will be valid for a period of 3 years.

Process flowchart

flow chart ART centers