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Centre accreditation of training programme in clinical embryology

Centre Accreditation Clinical Embryology

Clinical embryology requires highly specialised laboratory practice. Specialist training involves acquisition of theoretical knowledge, training in practical skills via a syllabus and logbook, competence assessments and continuous professional development. Specialist examinations, approved by professional bodies (nationally and internationally), can verify the quality of practical training.

ESHRE offers the opportunity for MAR centres to become recognised as ESHRE Training Centres for Embryologists. These centres must meet requirements for specialist training, including use of an approved training syllabus and logbooks to record both practical training and competence assessment. The criteria for accreditation of MAR centres for specialist training of Clinical Embryologists are described on these web pages.

The ESHRE theory examinations for embryologists are recognised by UEMS-CESMA, while accreditation of practical training in Clinical Embryology operates under the ESHRE/EBCOG umbrella.

Who can benefit from accreditation of training in Clinical Embryology?

  • National professional bodies responsible for the level of education in healthcare, which can easily adopt a European standardised system for training and testing the knowledge in Clinical Embryology.

  • MAR centres, which can use a standardised ESHRE tool to establish the required traceable system of training, knowledge and competency assessment for their embryologists. Their accreditation can attract more trainees in the centre.

  • Embryologists who obtain the European Diploma of Practical Competence to work in an ART laboratory after passing ESHRE exams and completing accredited training.


While the certification by ESHRE® is based on compliance with certain objective criteria at a given point in time, certification cannot - under any circumstance - be a guarantee for successful future treatments. ESHRE®, its agents or any of its personnel shall not be liable, in any way, for (in)direct or consequential damages that might occur following the certification (such as - but not limited to - damage to third parties).