Assessment of training centre

Assessment of application

The Steering Committee reviews the application to assess if criteria are met. Approval of institutions as training centres should be based on the following general and special requirements provided, and not conflict with national laws:

a. Provision of acceptable annual statistics (results of the clinic)
b. Existing internal quality control and audit
c. Organised teaching sessions
d. ESHRE prescribed training of trainees in Clinical Embryology already in place
e. Availability of:

i. Multidisciplinary team regularly involved in the management of reproductive medicine.
ii. Andrology laboratory.
iii. Laboratory for IVF/ICSI and embryo morphology assessment.
iv. Cryo-laboratory
v. Optional: Genetic laboratory
vi. Research activity
vii. Fulfilment of defined criteria for minimum clinical / laboratory activity


Assessment of training, facilities and tutors

The ESHRE Steering Committee organises a site visit (virtual or physical) by 2 assessors after the application is accepted. In case of missing points, the assessors will do a reassessment after 2 years. In case all recommendations are fulfilled, accreditation will be approved for another 3 years (in total 5 years). Reaccreditation will be performed every 5 years if the centre fulfils all requirements. If necessary, withdrawal of recognition can be enacted.
ESHRE is willing to organize an extra evaluation visit to a training unit if requested.


Evaluation of the training by the Trainee

Trainees have a questionnaire available to assess the quality of training. An interview with the trainees is scheduled during the visit of ESHRE assessors. In this way, direct feedback from training participants is provided. When assessing the quality of training by trainees, the following is checked:

a. Advance of the log book and progress of clinical experience in Clinical Embryology.
b. Protected time for trainee's participation in scientific activities/research.
c. Trainee's participation in reproductive medicine and clinical embryology courses in particular those advised by ESHRE.