Call for assessors

For our newest accreditation programme “Centre accreditation of training programme in clinical embryology” ESHRE is looking for assessors to perform assessment visits at the training centres applying for accreditation.

ESHRE members wishing to apply for this post should make sure to comply with the specific requirements as listed below. All applications should be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] before 7 August. They will be evaluated by the Steering Committee and suitable candidates will be admitted to a dedicated training program at the end of which they will be appointed certified assessors. The training course will take 1 or 2 days and hopefully be scheduled with Q4 of this year.

Selection criteria for assessors (accreditation of training centres in Clinical Embryology) – 15 positions:

- Be able and available to travel with Europe, to the various clinics being assessed

ESHRE background:

- ESHRE member for at least 2 years (required)
- ESHRE certificate for Senior embryologist (required)
- Supervision of ESHRE certified embryologists that succeeded in ESHRE's exam in Clinical embryology (preferential)

Professional and organisational experience:

- Current activity in an IVF laboratory (required)
- Organization of an IVF laboratory (required a minimum of 10-year experience)
- Active Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through ESHRE CPD system for clinical embryologists (required)
- Participation in authorship of documents for QC&QA (SOPs, forms, instructions) (list of documents) (required)
- Head/director/quality manager of an accredited IVF laboratory in last 5-year period (confirmed by the signature of the director of the clinic) (preferential)
- Activity in an accredited IVF laboratory (fill ESHRE logbook for CPD system) (preferential)

Professional, academic and scientific background:

- Applicant’s IVF clinic results (fill the ESHRE EIM form for the last year) (required)
- List of publications with authorship of manuscripts in scientific journals in last 10-year period (required)