How to apply?

  1. Electronic application by the training centre to ESHRE Central Office - Apply online here or contact [email protected]

  2. The EBCOG/Subspecialties Subcommittee is notified of the application following submission of the application

  3. ESHRE nominates 2 experienced visitors of whom one may also be recognised as an EBCOG assessor. Although both societies accept 2 visitors as the optimal number there may be circumstances where a third assessor, such as a trainee representative, may be requested

  4. Following the assessment visit, the completed report from the assessors is submitted to the ESHRE Executive Committee for approval

  5. The report is also submitted to the EBCOG Board for approval following recommendation by ESHRE

  6. EBCOG and ESHRE jointly issue the accreditation certificate for the training centre for either 2 years provisional approval or for a 5 year full approval.