Information for exam applicants

The applications for the exam in 2020 are available from 2 October until 2 December 2019. If the maximum number of applications is reached before the deadline, finished applications will be added to the waiting list. In January and February all submitted applications, for which the exam fee has been received, will be reviewed by the Embryology Certification Steering Committee. Declined or cancelled applications will be replaced by applications from the waiting list until 31 March 2020. By the end of March, all applicants will be informed whether their application to sit the exam has been accepted.

The next exam will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday 04/07/2020 (time to be confirmed).

By end of May all participants will receive a confirmation letter with their assigned seat number. If you did not receive your seat number by 1 June 2020, please contact
Participants need to bring this confirmation letter to the Exam badge pick-up desk on the day of the exam. Participants without an exam badge will not be admitted to the exam room. 

The participant with the highest score in the clinical embryology exam and in the senior clinical embryology exam will receive a free registration for the main programme of the next ESHRE Annual Meeting or for an ESHRE Campus Course in 2021.


Applicants will be expected to have a good knowledge of the following aspects of clinical embryology.

Literature list

Suggested reading list

The Embryology Certification Committee does not organise or endorse any preparatory course for the ESHRE Embryology exam.