Information for exam applicants

The applications for the 2024 exam will available until 4 December (11:59 am CET, noon). We have reached the maximum capacity for applicants working outside of Europe* for the 2024 online embryology exam, which has activated the waiting list. Please do not contact the Central Office to check on your status on the waiting list. All communication will be sent via the application platform, so we ask all waiting list applicants to regularly check their messages. Until 15 March 2024, we will contact the applicants on the waiting list in chronological order as and when spaces become available.
The exam will take place online on Saturday, 8 June 2024. All communication related to the applications will be sent via the application platform.

* Europe as defined by ESHRE (see p68-69 of the internal rules)

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.


Applicants will be expected to have a good knowledge of the following aspects of clinical embryology.

Literature list

Suggested reading list

The Clinical Embryology Certification Committee does not organise or endorse any preparatory course for the ESHRE Clinical Embryology exam.

Getting prepared for the exam

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