Information & instructions to apply

Please read this information before opening the application form.
In order to apply for the ECRES certificate(s) applicants must be:
  • an ESHRE member
  • a registered clinician or a post graduate student in medicine

These are the 10 steps to follow in order to obtain the ECRES certificate(s):

Application for the ESHRE Certification on Reproductive Endoscopic Surgery

Primary Level in Reproductive Endoscopic Surgery 

Step 1

 Obtain ECRES websurg
(free of charge)

Step 2
Registration on ESHRE website for Basic Certification
Psychomotor Skills Evaluation
+ TESTT 1 & 2
Step 3
Submission to ESHRE Central Office of
Logbook surgical practice curriculum (Electronic)

Step 4
Release of the Certification
Primary Level in Reproductive Endoscopic Surgery 

Step 5

 Once Primary level in RES successfully completed you can continue and register online to the
Master Level in Reproductive Endoscopic Surgery

Step 6

 Submission to ESHRE Central Office
via Electronic Logbook - real time surgical practice according to the curriculum

 Step 7

Evaluation of Surgical Experience
Submission to the Central Office and blind evaluation of unedited videos

Step 8  
Final theoretical exam

 Step 9
Release of the Certification
Master level in Reproductive Endoscopic Surgery

Step 10

CME every 5 years
List of Operations performed 

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Registration fees

(exclusive VAT)

 Primary level in RES  
 450 Euro  
 Master level in RES

 450 Euro 

 Resit final exam

 250 Euro



The fairness of the certification is guaranteed by a web-based evaluation system and by the use of objective criteria. 
Theoretical knowledge of candidates in the field of reproductive medicine will be tested through a questionnaire, while psychomotor and hand skills will be examined by using the internationally recognised tests developed by the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery. 

For a complete evaluation, applicants will be asked to submit videos of surgical procedures performed by them which will be scrutinised by a dedicated board and will contribute to the final result of the exam.