Information for exam applicants

The online applications for the 2022 exam will be open from 13 October 2021 until 10 February 2022.
The exam will take place online on Saturday 11 June 2022.



  • be an ESHRE member
  • hold a nursing or midwifery degree (*)
  • hold an official English translation of your diploma
  • have an official name change document (if necessary)
  • have a comprehensive understanding of the English language
  • hold a copy of your passport or ID
  • provide a resume in Europass format (containing at least the items in the given template). Only a CV in Europass format will be considered; other formats will not be reviewed.
  • two years of clinical experience as a MAR nurse or midwife when submitting the logbook
  • submit a digital logbook including one ethical dilemma (completed over a maximum of two years)
  • pay a non-refundable fee of 100 Euro (Nuffic validation included)
  • pass the exam, with a minimum score of 66%, within three years after having the digital logbook and ethical case approved  


All documents should be uploaded in PDF format!

You will need to sign a submission form after completing your application. This form will only become available when your application is ready. All submitted applications are confirmed by e-mail. You will receive a separate e-mail containing a payment link for the 100 Euro (excl VAT) exam fee. Only paid applications will be reviewed.

If you have any more questions regarding your application, please contact [email protected].

* A nurse or midwife is someone registered as a nurse or midwife in their country after having obtained a formal Nursing/Midwifery education. This education should be at bachelor level or in line with requirements specified in article 31 of 2005/36/EC; amongst others: after 10 years of general education and at least 3 years of study (4600 hours) ( Your nursing or midwifery degree will be validated by EP-Nuffic. This process will be coordinated via ESHRE at a non-refundable reduced rate of 100 Euro (excl. VAT) for ESHRE members, this is included in the exam fee.

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