Information for exam applicants

The applications for the exam in 2019 will be available online from 5 November 2018 until 29 March 2019 (or until maximum capacity is reached). In April, all submitted applications will be reviewed by the Certification Steering Committee. By end of April all applicants will be informed whether or not their application has been accepted to sit for the exam. The next exam will be held in Vienna, Austria on Saturday 22 June 2019 (15:00-17:15).

Rules and requirements

  • be an ESHRE membermore information on ESHRE membership (registration is free of charge)

  • have a nursing or midwifery degree (*)

  • be able to provide evidence of your degree in English (**)

  • have two years of clinical experience as a MAR nurse or midwife when you submit your logbook

  • submit a digital logbook including two ethical dilemmas (completed over a maximum of two years)

  • pass the exam, with a minimum score of 66%, within 3 years after having your digital logbook approved.
    The exam includes:
     - 94 ‘multiple choice questions’ for which you need to select a single most correct answer among four options. You can earn 1/100 points with each correct answer, you do not lose points by giving incorrect answers.
     - 1 ‘extended matching question’ (6/100 points) in which you need to answer one lead in question based on the description of a patient scenario and two additional questions based on additional scenarios. All three questions should be answered by selecting the most correct option from the same long list of options. Each option may be selected more than once or not at all.
    Below you find examples of multiple choice questions.


Applicants will be expected to have a good knowledge of the following aspects of clinical embryology.

Model exam

Sample exam Nurses & Midwives Certification

Study buddy for ESHRE nurse and midwife certification

The link between the curriculum and the literature list

Literature list

Suggested reading list

* A nurse or midwife is someone registered as a nurse or midwife in their country after having obtained a formal Nursing/midwifery education. This education should have been at bachelor level or should be in line with requirements specified in article 31 of 2005/36/EC; amongst others: after 10 years of general education and at least 3 years of study (4600 hours) ( If it is unclear whether your nursing or midwifery degree meets these requirements, ESHRE expects you to have your degree validated by EP-Nuffic. The validation process will be coordinated via ESHRE for a reduced rate of 50 euro (excl. VAT) for ESHRE members. This fee is non-refundable, even if the application is declined. 
** This English version could have been provided by your University (college) or you could have your degree translated to English by an official translator. Another option is to have your degree validated by EP-Nuffic, as the staff of EP-Nuffic can process degrees in many different languages. The validation process will be coordinated via ESHRE for a charge of 50 Euro.