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Last update: 3 October 2018

Clinical Gynecologic endocrinology and infertility (8th edition). Speroff L, Class RH, Kase NG; Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Philadelphia, USA 

  • Part I Reproductive Physiology
    Chapter 3: The ovary – Embryology and Development (Complete chapter)
    Chapter 4: The uterus (The following sections can be skipped: ‘A Teleological Theory of Endometrial Menstrual Events’; ‘The uterus is an endocrine organ’; ‘Reproductive function of Leiomyomas’; ‘Medical treatment of Leiomyomas’; p135-143 and p150-155)
    Chapter 6: Regulation of the Menstrual cycle (Complete chapter)
    Chapter 7: Sperm and Egg Transport, Fertilization and Implantation (Only the following sections: ‘Sperm transport’, ‘Egg transport’; p243-252 and the summaries on p253, p258-259, p268)
    Chapter 8: The endocrinology of pregnancy (Only the following sections: ‘Progesterone’, ‘human Chorionic Gonadotrophin’; p270-273 and p287-291)

  • Part II Clinical endocrinology
    Chapter 20: Reproduction and the Thyroid (The following sections can be skipped: ‘Functional changes with aging’, ‘Thyroid function tests’, ‘Osteoporosis and excessive thyroxine’, ‘Thyroid nodules and from Thyroid physiology in the fetus and the neonate’; p887-889, p895-898)

  • Part IV Infertility
    Chapter 27: Female Infertility (The following section can be skipped: ‘Epidemiology of infertility in the US’; p1138-1139)
    Chapter 30: Male Infertility (Complete chapter)
    Chapter 32: Assisted Reproductive Technologies (Complete chapter)
    Chapter 33: Ectopic Pregnancy (The following section can be skipped: ‘Unusual types’; p1408-1412)

  • Appendix I: Interpreting Epidemiologic Reports (Complete appendix)

In Vitro-Fertilization (3rd edition, 2011). Elder Kay, Dale B; Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK.

  • Chapter 2: Endocrine Control of Reproduction (Complete chapter)
  • Chapter 3: Gametes and gametogenesis (Complete chapter)
  • Chapter 4: Sperm and oocyte interaction (Complete chapter)
  • Chapter 5: First stages of development (Only the following section: ‘Pre-implantation development’; p64-70)
  • Chapter 6: Implantation and early stages of fetal development (Complete chapter)
  • Chapter 10: Sperm and ART (The following sections can be skipped: ‘Sperm preparation for in-vitro fertilization’ and for ‘Sperm preparation for ICSI/IMSI’; p144-150)
  • Chapter 11: Oocyte retrieval and embryo culture (Complete chapter)
  • Chapter 12: Cryopreservation of gametes and embryos (The following section can be skipped: ‘Principles of cryobiology’; p191-196)
  • Chapter 13: Micromanipulation techniques (Only the following sections: ‘Introduction’; ‘ICSI: genetic implications’, ‘surgical sperm retrieval’, ‘indications for ICSI’; ‘IMSI’; ‘Assisted Hatching’; p216-219, p226-228)
  • Chapter 14: Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (Complete chapter)
  • Chapter 15: Epigenetics and assisted reproduction (Complete chapter)




Essentials of Nursing Research (8th edition, 2014) Denise Polit & Cheryl Tatano Beck

  • Chapter 3: Key concepts and steps in qualitative and quantitative research (Only the following section: ‘summary points’, p59-60) 
  • Chapter 5: Ethics in research (Only the following sections: ‘summary points’, p96; 'informed consent' and 'confidentiality of procedures', p87-89)
  • Chapter 7: Finding and reviewing research: Evidence in the literature (Only the following sections: ‘summary points’, p130; 'locating relevant literature for a research review', p118-124)
  • Chapter 10: Sampling and data collection in quantitative studies (Only the following sections: ‘summary points’, p130; 'sample size in quantitative studies', p181-182; 'self-reports', p184-189)
  • Chapter 11: Measurements and data quality (only the following sections: ‘summary points’ p212)
  • Chapter 12: Statistical analysis of quantitative data (Only the following section: ‘tips on reading text with statistical information’, p240-242)

Practical Gynecological Ultrasound (2nd edition, 2013) Jane Bates

Chapter 2: Practical equipment operation and technique (Complete chapter)
Chapter 7: Ultrasound and fertility (Complete chapter)


ESHRE and other organisation's documents


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