Rules for certification of ESHRE nurses and midwives

1. The application

1.1 ESHRE nurses and midwives certification is available to ESHRE members only.

1.2 The next online applications for the 2022 exam will be available from 13 October 2021, your electronic application form must be submitted by 10 February 2022 (23:59 CET) at the latest. In February and March all submitted applications, for which the exam fee has been received, will be reviewed by the Nursing & Midwives Certification Steering Committee. By the beginning of April, all applicants will be informed whether their application to sit the exam has been accepted.

2. Degrees

2.1 The Nurses & Midwives Certification Steering Committee requires an independent recognition of degrees. Therefore, all applicants will need to have their degree validated by EP-NUFFIC (the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, When making credential evaluations, EP-NUFFIC uses the criteria and procedures considered as 'good practice' by the Lisbon Recognition Convention.
Only validated degrees will be allowed for the exam. The validation process will be coordinated by ESHRE and the costs are included in the exam fee.
The EP-NUFFIC validation report will become available in the applicant’s personal account.

2.2 All relevant degrees, including academic transcripts and a CV according to the provided format or Europass format (in ENGLISH only, other CV formats will NOT be accepted) must be submitted in the online application form and will be forwarded to EP-NUFFIC for validation. Please check with EP-NUFFIC regarding the need for an official English translation of your diploma before uploading to the ESHRE website.

2.3 Applicants must be able, if requested, to provide ESHRE with originals or verified copies of results of degrees or any other valid documentation.

2.4 The name stated on your ID/passport should be the same as the one on your diploma. All name changes need to be clarified with official documents.

3. The exam

3.1. the exam date is 11 June 2022.

3.2 The exam will be in English.

3.3 The exam will be held online.

3.4 During the exam, the participant must behave according to currently stated rules. If fraud/inappropriate behavior is detected during the exam, the participant will be forced to terminate the exam and leave the (virtual) exam room. In such cases the exam can be considered invalid. In case the infraction is discovered afterwards, the certificate can be revoked. All detected cases of fraud/inappropriate behavior discovered during or after the exam can result in exclusion from future ESHRE activities.

3.5 Participants will have to accept the "online home exam policy" before starting the exam.

3.6 The exam results will be released to the participant. A score of at least 66% is required to pass the exam. The resulting outcome is not negotiable. In exceptional cases, complaints will be evaluated by the Nurses & Midwives Certification Steering Committee, and if necessary, the ESHRE Executive Committee. The decision of the Executive Committee is final.

3.7 Exam questions represent ESHRE's intellectual property. Due to the risk of abuse, participants will not be able to see the exam afterwards or have access to the correct answers.