Online home exam policy

1 General provisions
As technology from the online exam provider is used to deliver the exam, the online exam provider shall process your personal data as a processor to ESHRE. You have GDPR-related rights that you should be aware of (such as but not limited to access to and deletion of your personal data). The full privacy policy of ESHRE can be found here:
I accept the processing of my personal data by the online exam provider in accordance with ESHRE’s privacy policy in the supplied link and as set out in the articles below.

2 Enhanced security during home exams
There are benefits of sitting the exam in your home country, without the need for travel to an exam site. However, this also increases the need for additional security measures to replace on-site invigilation.
During the online exam you will be monitored by human observers (invigilators). In addition, sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will be used to assist invigilators to detect any suspicious patterns. The AI technology will monitor your interaction with the exam software, patterns and also make periodic recordings. These recordings will be analysed to detect that it is you, that only you are sitting by the computer, and for other patterns.
Finally, the data will be stored and analysed after the session.
I accept the enhanced security.

3 Monitoring
Data will be sampled and stored, before and during the exam. This data includes all your interactions with software (mouse, keyboard, data traffic etc) and periodic images from the camera on your computer/device. This data will be processed by algorithms including AI to detect patterns. These data models will detect patterns in your exam response, body language, facial features and presence of any unauthorized persons (not you). You will also be monitored by one or more invigilators. This data gathering is intrusive but serves the purpose of creating a safe environment for sitting the exam.
I accept to be monitored during the exam.

4 Recording and analysis of data
Data used for monitoring your exam, including your interactions with software (mouse, keyboard, data traffic etc), and periodic images from the camera on your computer will also be recorded. This recorded data will be merged with other data sources to analyse your exam performance and detect any suspicious patterns. This analysis will be performed during the exam, and more extensively after the exam. The exam data and periodic images from your exam will be kept for a maximum of two (2) years for reason of proof.
I accepted that the data is recorded and analysed.

5 Cheating
Cheating means using improper means to complete the exam. This can involve using technology devices, books/paper notes, assistance from other persons or other methods that improve the results beyond your own un-assisted knowledge.
Instances of cheating will be reported to the proper authorities in the country/countries where you are working and also to your employer. Instances of cheating will result in exclusion from ESHRE and this decision will be published on the ESHRE website.
I am aware that cheating is not allowed, will be reported and will result in my exclusion from ESHRE.

6 Not being able to complete the exam or violating rules
The delivery of the exam depends on technology and that you have prepared accordingly. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read the instructions carefully and completed any necessary preparations which includes your registration, network, computer, exam software and integrated webcam. Please read the instructions from your exam body carefully.
A small percentage of participants may experience problems with software, compatibility, connectivity or similar. The exam body may decide that your exam results are inadmissible based on the circumstances. The exam body may also prevent you from sitting the exam if you have not prepared in accordance with instructions.
I understand that I will not be able to complete the exam if there are technology problems or if I have not prepared according to instructions.