Terms and conditions

Below are the Terms and Conditions of the Fertility Run organised by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) on 3 July 2017 at 6.30 p.m. in Geneva, Switzerland. If you have any queries regarding these, please contact bruno@eshre.eu.

The ESHRE run is a charity event which benefits will entirely be transferred to Fertility Europe (http://fertilityeurope.eu).


Participation is only valid after payment of the registration fee. 
You will be given full details regarding the run prior to the actual run day. Run packs will be available at the run registration desk, located in the main hall of the Convention Centre. The opening hours of the registration desk will be communicated by email to all registered runners and on the internet website of ESHRE 2017 www.eshre2017.eu
For participants who register online, the information regarding the event will be sent to you via email prior to the event. You have to double check that the e-mail address provided on the registration form is correct. Please also check the message screens on-site for up-to-date information. 

The event 
Bicycles, motorised vehicles and rollerblades, not belonging to the organisation team, are prohibited on the course during the competition. 
Your personal items and run kit including running gear, and any clothing are your responsibility and it is up to you to ensure the safekeeping of these items. Bag storage is provided at the event with a team who are dedicated to this. However bag storage is not a secure lock up so we recommend you leave all valuables at home. 
ESHRE is not responsible for loss and/or theft of personal objects of the participants. 

Under no circumstances can someone else run for you. 
Your timing chip must be worn during the entire run. Your event results will be posted on our website. Unless stated otherwise, your name and time will be displayed. If you do not wish for these to be posted please email us at bruno@eshre.eu
Photos and video footage will occasionally be taken throughout the course of the event and may be posted on our website or used as ESHRE communications material. Through your participation to the event you declare to agree to a possible use of your photograph in print, film, video etc by ESHRE, without claiming a compensation for this. If you do not wish for your image to be used, please email us prior to any event at bruno@eshre.eu with your name so we can ensure this does not happen. 


Health and safety 
We provide every measure to ensure the run you take part in is of the highest standard and the safest level. However, by accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing that you are taking part in the run at your own risk and no responsibility shall lie upon run directors, run organisers, or any other parties involved in the organisation of the event in case of accident or injuries incurred as a result of the run. 
A first aid team will be available during the event. Water is supplied. However it is your responsibility to ensure you are healthy and fit to take part and that you are hydrated. We recommend you bring your own drink as well. If you are not feeling well, have not trained or have an injury, we recommend that you do not take part. Please remember your personal health and safety is priority and we cannot be held responsible for this. 

Withdrawals and reimbursement policy 
Cancellations will not be refunded. It will not be possible to withdraw your extra donation. 
You cannot transfer the fee paid for the run to another ESHRE event. 
It is your responsibility to ensure you are on time at the run. If you are late for any reason we do not refund your registration fee nor your extra donation. 

If you have any queries or questions please email us at bruno@eshre.eu or write to us at: ESHRE - Meerstraat, 60 - 1852 Grimbergen - Belgium