Precongress Courses

Sunday 2 July 2017

Fifteen Precongress Courses will be organised by ESHRE's Special Interest Groups on a variety of subjects including the following titles:

Precongress Course 2

The role of ultrasound in early pregnancy
Early Pregnancy organised by the Special Interest Group Early Pregnancy

Precongress Course 3

Cellular and molecular biology for clinical embryologists
Embryology organised by the Special Interest Group Embryology

Precongress Course 4

Measuring and enhancing endometrial receptivity to improve pregnancy outcomes
Endometriosis organised by the Special Interest Group Endometiosis and Endometrial Disorders

Precongress Course 5

Fertility awareness: what role does it play in preventing infertility?
Psychology and Counselling organised by the Special Interest Group Psychology and Counselling

Precongress Course 6

Ovarian Stimulation for IVF: individualisation and beyond..?
Reproductive Endocrinologyorganised by the Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology

Precongress Course 7

Mitochondria in human reproduction and ART
Genetics organised by the Special Interest Group Reproductive Genetics

Precongress Course 8

Complications in reproductive surgery
Reproductive Surgery organised by the Special Interest Group Reproductive Surgery

Precongress Course 9

Transgenderism and reproduction: State of the art in fertility options for transgender and people with sex reassignment
Safety and quality in ART Psychology and Counselling Ethics and Law 
organised by the Special Interest Groups Safety and Quality in ART, Psychology and Counselling, Ethics and Law and Global and socio-cultural aspects in ART

Precongress Course 11

Where to draw the line
Paramedical Grouporganised by the ESHRE Paramedical Group

Precongress Course 12

Procedure and technique for embryo transfer in humans
  American Society for Reproductive Medicine Exchange course
morning session is fully booked, last places for the afternoon session

Precongress Course 13

How to present and publish your research?
  organised by the Editors of Human Reproduction journals

Precongress Course 15

How to prepare a Systematic Review in reproductive medicine

Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Group Exchange course