Syllabi Precongress Courses

Sunday 29 June 2014

Fourteen pre-congress courses will be organised by ESHRE's Special Interest Groups on a variety of subjects including the following titles:


Precongress Course 1 

Targeting and Managing Special Patient Groups - including hands-on workshop in trophectoderm biopsy

Paramedical Group organised by the Paramedical Group
Precongress Course 2

Treating the man with evidence based medicine

Andrology organised by the Special Interest Group Andrology
Precongress Course 3

Time-lapse monitoring in the ART lab

Embryology Special Interest Group Embryology
Precongress Course 4

The fallopian tube and reproductive function

Endometriosis Special Interest Group Endometriosis/Endometrium
Precongress Course 5

The ethics of gamete donation and information sharing

Ethics and Law Special Interest Group Ethics and Law
Precongress Course 6

On seeking and finding the evidence

Psychology and Counselling Safety and quality in ART Special Interest Group Psychology and Counselling and SIG Safety and Quality in ART
Precongress Course 7

Fertility-Sparing Surgery in malignant and benign conditions

Reproductive Surgery Special Interest Group Reproductive Surgery
Precongress Course 8

Practical applications of clinical and basic science genetics to reproductive medicine

ASRM ASRM Exchange course
Precongress Course 9

Academic Authorship programme

The Editors of Human Reproduction Journals
Precongress Course 10

Fertility preservation in women: Facts and dilemmas

MEFS Middle East Fertility Society Exchange course
Precongress Course 11

The contribution of endocrinology & early pregnancy management to the success of an ART center

Early Pregnancy Reproductive Endocrinology Special Interest Groups Early Pregnancy and Reproductive Endocrinology
Precongress Course 12

The current status of PGD and PGS

Genetics Special Interest Group Reproductive Genetics
Precongress Course 13

Of stem cells and gametes: more similarities than differences?

Stem Cells Special Interest Group Stem Cells
Precongress Course 14

New generation patients

Psychology and Counselling fe TF Management of Fertility Units, SIG Psychology and Counselling and Fertility Europe