Data collection and research

European IVF Monitoring

The European IVF Monitoring Programme (EIM) was established to collect, process and finally publish regional data for Europe on direct clinical results and side-effects, follow-up children's well-being and also the availability and the structure of services in the different countries.

PGD Consortium

The PGD Consortium of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology comprises a group of expert members in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Screening whose activities take place under the auspices of the Special Interest Group Reproductive Genetics.

ESHRE grant for research in reproductive medicine

In 2016, ESHRE will award 2 Research Grants: a grant of 50.000 euro and a grant of 150.000 euro. Projects in the field of reproductive medicine are eligible for funding. 

ESTEEM - the ESHRE study into the evaluation of oocyte euploidy by microarray analysis

ESTEEM will be the first randomised trial of 23 chromosome testing of polar bodies using array CGH. The pilot study showed that reliable identification of the chromosomal status of an oocyte is possible in about 90% of polar body biopsy attempts.
The study, now known as ESTEEM (the ESHRE Study into The Evaluation of oocyte Euploidy by Microarray analysis), which will be performed in women aged between 36 and 41 years, has two primary aims: to estimate the likelihood of having no euploid embryos in future ART cycles and to improve live birth rates in women of advanced maternal age.

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