ESHRE Travelling Fellowships 2020

ESHRE Travelling Fellowships

Following the successful pilot programme launched over the past two years in collaboration with ReproUnion (2017-2019), ESHRE has decided to expand the selection of centres within Europe; preferentially ESHRE accredited centres.

The objective of the ESHRE Travelling Fellowships is to offer young ESHRE clinicians or scientists - in training or junior positions - the opportunity to join training units or laboratories (“training centres”) for a period of 3 or 6 months by supporting them financially. Each training centre is limited to support a maximum of two applications in any one funding period.

A training centre can be chosen by the applicant based on the quality of the training centre and the availability and willingness of the centre to host the applicant. The training centre should also be located in another country than the country of residence of the applicant. The applicant should make direct contact with the responsible person/educational supervisor in the training centre to assess whether the application is feasible. After agreement between the applicant and the training centre, an application for funding can be submitted to ESHRE. While applicants are free to choose a training centre, the ESHRE accredited training centres are commendable. The list of ESHRE accredited Training Centres are listed here.

ESHRE allocates 150.000€ to this project, which translates in 10 to 15 fellowships each calendar year in 4 (quarterly) funding periods during the year. As such, 3 to 5 fellowships will be approved approximately every 3 months. No guarantee can be given by ESHRE to fund every application as there is a finite resource and capacity.

The fellowship for 3 months is 5,000 Euro; the fellowship for 6 months is 8,000 Euro.

The winning applicants receive a bulk sum of either 5,000 or 8,000 Euro to fund their time at the host centre/lab:

  • For the 5,000 Euro fellowship → 4, 500 Euro in bulk at the beginning of the period + 500 Euro at the submission of the final report
  • For the 8,000 Euro fellowship → 7,500 Euro in bulk at the beginning of the period + 500 Euro at the submission of the final report.

The fellowship will start at the moment the application is approved. From the start until the end, a period of two years is allowed to complete the project.

Who can apply?

Applicants to the ESHRE fellowships must be:

  1. ESHRE members (the membership can be requested while applying)
  2. A clinician or scientist in training or junior position (the applicant will be requested to produce evidence of this in the application)
  3. 40 years or younger

How to apply?

ESHRE Fellowship applications can be submitted by the applicant after approval and contact with the training centre and relevant supervisor.

The following limitations apply:

  • For the centre of Origin: Per funding period, only one applicant per centre will receive funding
  • For the training centres that host travelling fellows for 3 or 6 months: per funding period, a maximum of two applicants can be funded

If an applicant has been unsuccessful to obtain a fellowship and wants to apply again, s/he will have to wait for the next period. There are no limitations on the number of applications any applicant can submit, but each applicant will only be funded once.


Points to consider when completing an application

During the application process, ESHRE will ask the applicant to provide a letter of acceptance from the relevant responsible person/educational supervisor at the training centre, together with a project description.


List of things to do by the applicant in sequence

Step 1:

  • Contact a training centre or laboratory.
  • Write a project outline (500 -700 words) and justify why this learning experience will improve your career.
  • Formally submit your project to the responsible person/educational supervisor at the training centre and gain approval.
  • Discuss the training period and describe the skills that you will gain from the training centre with the responsible person/educational supervisor at the training centre
  • Receive a letter of approval signed and dated by the responsible person/educational supervisor at the training centre outlining all the above agreed steps.


Step 2

  • Submit the application for funding and include all the following relevant documents:
    o the project outline
    o the letter of acceptance by the responsible person/educational supervisor at the training centre/host institution
    o CV (1 page A4)
    o Passport/ID

  • You can submit your application here 
  • Please make sure to upload all the relevant documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered!


ESHRE will review the application and communicate the decision. ESHRE’s decision is final.



Answers to common questions can be found here. Still have questions? Please contact