ESHRE has reached an informal agreement with a Nordic network of research and clinical centres to provide fellowship funding for a number of clinical and basic science trainees working in fertility. The network - known as ReproUnion - is a consortium of 13 centres in the Copenhagen region of Denmark and Malmo and Lund regions of Sweden. The objective of this collaboration and fellowship is to give young ESHRE members, engaged in clinical practice or scientific research, the opportunity to spend a short stay (3 to 6 months) in a laboratory/clinical unit of the ReproUnion consortium, on a competitive entry basis, in order to further their training in reproductive science and/or medicine

What to expect?

Either the traveling fellowships will be for 3 or for 6 months and it is the responsibility of the applicant and hosting institution to work out a plan which will meet these possible periods. The fellowship for 3 months is 5,000 Euro; the fellowship for 6 months is 8,000 Euro

The winning applicants receive a bulk sum of either 5,000 or 8,000 Euro to fund their time at the host centre/lab:

  • For the 5,000 Euro fellowship → 4, 500 Euro in bulk at the beginning of the period + 500 Euro at the submission of the final report
  • For the 8,000 Euro fellowship → 7,500 Euro in bulk at the beginning of the period + 500 Euro at the submission of the final report.

The sum is not compatible with other mobility grants, but it is compatible with other funding (like PhD fellowships).

Within a month from the completion of the stay, a final report should be submitted to ESHRE. When received, the final 500€ will be given.

A Review Committee will decide three time per year who will get the fellowships (i.e. every quarter of the year).

Who can apply?

The fellowship is open to any ESHRE member younger than 40, in training or junior positions. The fellowship is not intended for established or senior professionals. Applications are also encouraged for fellows working in an accredited subspecialist ESHRE training centre. If you are not yet a member of ESHRE, then please apply here for membership first.

It should be noted that candidates from the ReproUnion region (öresund) cannot apply for the ESHRE fellowships, because they have a specific entry in the programme through ReproUnion itself.

How to apply?

Step 1: Suitable candidates/applicants should first contact ReproUnion directly to work out a schedule and plan for training. The list of host centres/labs can be downloaded here

  • Requests should be sent to the following e-mail address: including CV and motivation letter stating institutes of interest. The candidate will receive an email of confirmation that his/her interest in the fellowship has been registered at the ReproUnion Management Unit.
  • The host centers of ReproUnion are reviewing candidates quarterly. If there is a match between a candidate and a host center, the candidate will be notified to establish a research/training plan together with the host and proceed with an application to ESHRE. If there is no match for the candidate he/she will be informed thereof.
  • Once the plan for training is established, a letter of recommendation will be provided by the relevant training center/lab. This letter of recommendation should be submitted with the application for a fellowship.


Step 2: The applicant will then apply for the ESHRE travelling fellowship through the following web application form. With the application, candidate applicants have to submit the following:

  • Letter/recommendation of the host centre/lab (make sure to have this document ready for upload)
  • Letter of support from the applicant’s work base institution (if any) (make sure to have this document ready for upload)
  • Short CV (1 page A4) (make sure to have this document ready for upload)
  • Copy of ID Card or passport showing date of birth (make sure to have this document ready for upload)
  • An abstract size description of what s/he will do at the visiting centre/lab
  • A statement detailing the scientific interest and novelty of the proposal
  • A statement on the impact of this project for the applicant development/career
  • A short statement of personal motivation

How are the candidates selected?

A review committee – composed of senior ESHRE officers - will select the winning applicant. The decision is final without right of appeal and will be expedient. Preference will also be given to candidates originating from ESHRE accredited centres.