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Work packages

The work for the EuMAR project is divided into 8 Work Packages (WP), including 5 core WPs and 3 horizontal WPs, each executed by a dedicated working group. The WPs are made up of members of EuMAR's Project Steering Committee (PST), who are ESHRE Central Office full time staff; members of the Project Steering Committee (PSC), who are ESHRE members with a vast career in the field of MAR and national MAR registries; and WP members, other ESHRE members with expertise in the topics of each WP.

The project also has a Supervisory Board (SB), that monitors and evaluates the results of the project. The SB is made up of experts with extensive knowledge in the field of MAR and data collection and in various roles in ESHRE committees. The SB members are: Lucy Frith; Dinka Baldani; Anna Pia Ferraretti; Jacques de Mouzon; Kersti Lundin; Martine De Rycke; Edith Coonen; Kelly Tilleman.

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