How to book a booth space?

What you should know before you send in your booking form.

Booth space assignment process

Stand assignment is determined by a credit system whereby each exhibiting company/sponsor will obtain credits for each item that is sponsored at the past 3 previously held meetings. The total number of credits that are accumulated for the past 3 years by each exhibitor/sponsor will determine the place of the exhibitor/sponsor in the ranking order. Stands will be assigned according to the place in the ranking order (i.e. the first sponsor on the ranking list will have first choice, the second sponsor on the ranking list will have second choice etc.). In those cases where exhibitors/sponsors have the same number of credits or for companies that have not yet exhibited at the ESHRE Annual Meetings (i.e. that have no credits), a “first come - first serve” policy will be maintained. Companies that have not exhibited for the past 3 consecutive years will automatically lose all credits. 

Important! The ranking order will apply only to those companies who send in their stand application form before 1 December 2017. A “first come - first serve” policy will apply to all bookings and the place on the ranking list will no longer apply as of 1 December 2017.

Stand spaces will be sold at the following rates:
> Inline booth (i.e. one side open towards aisle) = 350 Euro*/m2 (excluding VAT)
> Corner booth (i.e. two sides open towards aisle) = +5% on total surface cost
> Island booth (i.e. with aisles on all four sides) = +10% on total surface cost
> 10% discount for first-time exhibitors

Exhibiting companies will receive 1 credit/m2.

What is included in the booth space rental fee?
  • Prime networking possibilities and potential exposure to a large group of international experts in the field, including all major opinion leaders
  • Complimentary registrations for exhibitors’ representatives (depending on booth size). More information on the Admission badges can be found under point 8. of the General terms and conditions which you can find here
  • Access to Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception on Sunday evening, 1 July
  • Complimentary coffee and lunch breaks
  • A 100-word company/product profile will be published in the exhibitors’ guide
  • Partition walls for standard (small) booths

What is not included in the booth space rental fee? 

Booth space rental fee does not include a shell scheme! Shell schemes and furniture are an additional cost and may be rented in accordance with specifications that will be provided in the Technical Manual. The Technical Manual will be available no later than 3 months before start of the Annual Meeting.

Method of payment and cancellation procedure
  • Exhibit spaces will only be allocated after receipt of the fully completed application form.
  • After assignment of the stand space and order confirmation an invoice in payment of the full rental fee will be sent to the exhibiting company.
  • All prices quoted will be in EUR and do not include VAT.

Terms and conditions

By booking an exhibition space and/or a sponsorship item, exhibitors/sponsors acknowledge to have taken notice of and to accept the ESHRE terms and conditions, which can be download here. These terms and conditions shall always take precedence over those of the exhibitor/sponsor, even if the latter state to be the only valid terms.

Stand booking

Step 1

First check out the exhibit floor plan for available spaces. The floor plan shows the exhibit area subdivided in units of 9m2 (3m x 3m). Stand spaces are sold at a minimum of 1 unit of 9m2 and a maximum of 225 m2 (i.e. total of 25 units of 9m2).
Doors 041, 031, 021 will be open for delegates coming from the entrance hall. Door 011 will remain closed.
For the stands marked in black the overall maximum height is 6m. For the stands marked in red the overall maximum height is 4,80m (because the ceiling is lower).
Also see building restrictions here

The exhibit floor plan can be downloaded here

Step 2

Select 4 choices of preferred stand locations. Please note that these preferences are for guidance and cannot be guaranteed. Exhibit space bookings can only be accepted after receipt of the fully completed application form and exhibit stand assignment will be done following the place of the exhibiting company on the ranking list which you can find here. An order confirmation will be sent to the exhibiting company once exhibit space has been assigned.

The Exhibit application form can be downloaded here.

Step 3

Fill in the Exhibit application form and return to: