Become one of the famous ESHRE 5 young ambassadors

ESHRE Young Ambassadors 2020

ESHRE is organising the fifth edition of the “ESHRE 5” operation during this year's Annual Meeting.

We are calling for applications from young participants who wish to spread their views on the research presented at the ESHRE Annual Meeting and share their experience on Twitter during this first virtual congress. The tweets of the young ambassadors will be retweeted on the @theESHRE5 and @ESHRE Twitter accounts.

Being one of the “ESHRE 5” is a rewarding experience which can help expand your network, initiate discussion and raise your visibility as a member of the community of reproductive health professionals.

Hear from Sofia Makieva (YA 2017) And Claudia Massarotti (YA 2019)

Sofia: “The exposure that comes with the role of young ambassador is the best opportunity to introduce yourself to the ESHRE community, and is also a really exciting way to contribute to the Society’s mission.

Claudia: "As an ESHRE5, I lived the Annual Meeting in an intense and inspiring way, getting to report on the latest cutting-edge research, to hone my communication skills and to meet amazing people! Social media are here to stay, and they can be a really effective tool for connecting the reproductive medicine community, to learn, share and create. Being an ESHRE5 will be an incredibly rewarding experience!"

What does it take?

First apply to become an ESHRE young ambassador for our 36th Annual Meeting.

Then, please consider our main selection criteria:

- You must be born after 4 July 1985
- You must be registered for the 36th ESHRE Annual Meeting when applying
- You should fill in the application form available here before 14 June 2020 (23:59 CEST - Central European Summer Time)
- You will be selected based on your motivation, Twitter experience and CV

What is expected from our young ambassadors?

- Produce tweets in relation to the 36th ESHRE Annual Meeting, its scientific content and the ESHRE community
- Produce at least 30 tweets a day between 6 and 8 July 2020 inclusive
- Produce in total 100 tweets in total between 6 and 8 July 2020 inclusive
- Produce tweets in good faith without any commercial influence
- Tweet under your real name

Please read our terms and conditions before applying.

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