Group registration


To register a group (minimum of 2 people), please follow this procedure:

1. Log in to access the online registration portal

  Always log in with your own, personal account!
You will never need another person’s login details to register someone else. In case you do not have an account, please create one here first.

2. Make your group registration

Logged in? You can now start with the online registration process. At this stage, you only need to indicate the number of participants (*to be registered at the current rate.

(*)No participants’ details need to be entered at this stage. This can be done at a later stage. Adding extra’s, extra participants (or creating another group) is possible as long as the online registration form is open.

Go through all the steps by entering all mandatory fields:

Contact details
The system will automatically take the details of the person who logged in as the contact person. All correspondence will go through this person.

Invoice address
Make sure that all details are entered correctly. These details will be used on the final invoice. Keep in mind that it is not be possible to make any changes once the final invoice has been sent.

Delegate’s details
The following information must be provided for each person in your group: first name + family name, country and e-mail address (*).
The deadline to submit all the participants’ names is Monday 29 June 2020.
The online registration portal will close at that time so no more changes can be made.

 (*) Enter one unique, valid and personal e-mail address for each participant! This is very important because participants will only be able to access the Congress App, receive their certificate of attendance, etc. via the given e-mail address.Onsite programme changes, the award announcement, etc. will be communicated through this way as well.

3. Preliminary Confirmation Letter

Once the group registration has been created, you can close your registration (with or without payment). A preliminary confirmation will be sent by e-mail to the group responsible. This does not mean that your group is finalised!

Keep in mind that a registration is only finalized once it has been accompanied with payment! Entering the participants’ details is not sufficient to finalize a (group) registration. Payments should be received by the corresponding deadline. Failure to do so will automatically push the group registration to the next available rate. All registration fee deadlines can be found here.
ESHRE accepts payment by bank transfer and credit card. To easily trace your payment, please indicate your registration number (COP20-****) in your remittance. Payments by bank transfer will only be possible until Monday, 15 June 2020. Afterwards payments can only be done by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express)!
Read more about our payment procedure here.

4. Official Confirmation Letter

The group representative only receives the official confirmation e-mail once he/she has indicated the preferred option to collect the badges online. This must be done in the online registration portal. Select your group and click the final button ‘Select badge collect option’.

5. Invitation letter (for VISA purpose)

A button to download the invitation letter will become available online once we have received and processed the full payment. You will still have to enter the participant’s date of birth and passport number to finalise the document.
ESHRE cannot provide this document to unregistered people and unpaid registrations.

Do you have any further questions or difficulties?

1. You might find your answer in our Frequently Asked Questions Forum (FAQ).

2. Contact Sarah Vandersteen: E-mail: | Mobile: +32 499 57 50 79

Important information

  1. It is the group leader’s responsibility to inform each member of the group that he/she has been registered for the congress to avoid any double registrations!
    Therefore ESHRE cannot be held responsible for double registrations/bookings of a participant made by the group responsible as well as the individual or another company/organization.
  2. The online registration portal will close Monday 29 June 2020. Make sure that all details are entered at that time because no more changes can be made at that time.
  3. Name changes are not accepted. The registration of a person who cannot attend the Congress will be cancelled (with the cancellation fee applicable if possible – see cancellation policy (met link)). Another person can always register with the according fee at that time.
  4. Cancellation of registration and reimbursement policy:
    A full refund (less 100 Euro administration fee) will be granted to participants unable to attend, provided written notice is received at the Central Office on or before 5 June 2020. ESHRE regrets that it will be unable to consider requests received after this date. The date of the receipt of the written request for cancellation by the ESHRE Central Office will be considered as the date of cancellation. Please note that refunds will be issued only after the end of the annual meeting.