ESHRE highlights video contest

ESHRE 2021 Social media contest

This year ESHRE is upping its game with community activities, evolving and aligning even more with the virtual nature of ESHRE 2021 annual meeting.

‘ESHRE highlights’ is a video competition where participants of ESHRE 2021 will have the opportunity to win a free registration for ESHRE 2022 by producing a creative multi-clip video with the theme: my ESHRE2021 highlight(s)!
The highlight(s) can be anything worth sharing with the community – the science that impressed, a talk that inspired, an activity worth the acknowledgement or anything else that could fit in a video under 60 seconds.

ESHRE will monitor the hashtag and award the video with the most ‘likes’, which will be shared on ESHRE’s social media platforms.

How to participate:

  1. Register for ESHRE 2021

  2. Prepare a video (under 60 seconds) with your ESHRE highlight. Ensure the video is respectful to the community. Any inappropriate content will not be endorsed by ESHRE.

  3. Post the video on one of your accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MyESHREHighlight and #ESHRE2021. Make sure your video is open to the public. Multiple videos per participant are permitted.

  4. Follow ESHRE’s social media pages

The video with the most likes will win. ESHRE will share the video on social media.

Disclaimer: This contest is held by ESHRE. The contest is not sponsored nor associated with any social media platforms. The contest runs from 26 June until 1 July 2021 (CEST - Central European Summer Time). The winner will be announced on the ESHRE website. This person should send an e-mail to [email protected] with their contact details so we can award the price.