Become one of the famous ESHRE5 Young Ambassadors

ESHRE5 2023

ESHRE is organising its eighth edition of the “ESHRE5” initiative during this year's annual meeting in Copenhagen.

We are calling for applications from young participants who wish to spread their views on the research presented at the ESHRE Annual Meeting and share their experience on Twitter during the virtual congress. The tweets of the young ambassadors will be retweeted on the @theESHRE5 and @eshre Twitter accounts.

Being one of the “ESHRE5” is a rewarding experience which can help expand your network, initiate discussion and raise your visibility as a member of the ESHRE community of reproductive health professionals.

Hear from Rebekka Einenkel and,Attilio Anastasi (YA 2022):

RebekkaRebekka: "My ESHRE5 experience in 2022 was also my first time at the ESHRE conference. It was a perfect introduction to the ESHRE community. I met many great people from all the disciplines represented and immediately networked - online and offline. It was a special pleasure for me to meet the other young ambassadors of ESHRE5. I also learned a lot about #ScienceCommunication on social media. All in all, it was intense and worthwhile.

Attilio Attilio: “Being one of the ESHRE5 has been an amazing experience, one that everyone should have.  It seems like taking part in a scientific marathon, searching and studying the annual meeting program to suggest the best talks and give some tips on the host city.  Thanks to this initiative I met fantastic people with whom I bonded a lot and it allowed me to grow my network of professionals and friends.  I received particular attention in my country for the role I played and it was nice to share my experience with everyone. I will be very grateful to ESHRE and I hope the past experience is kind of a gateway for future collaborations.” 

What does it take?

First apply to become an ESHRE young ambassador for our 39th Annual Meeting.

Please consider our main selection criteria:

- You must be born after 25 June 1988
- You must be registered for the 39th ESHRE Annual Meeting at time of application
- You must complete the application form available here
- You will be selected based on your motivation, Twitter experience and CV

What is expected from our young ambassadors?

  • Produce tweets in relation with the ESHRE Annual Meeting, its scientific content, the ESHRE networking activities and city of Copenhagen
  • Produce 100 tweets in total between 5th June and 24th June 2023 included, with a minimum of 4 tweets a day
  • Each ambassador needs to generate/share a minimum of 10 tweets per day during the annual meeting (25 to 28 June 2023)
  • Produce a short introduction video of themselves to be posted on the ESHRE website and shared on ESHRE social media
  • Respect a high standard of communication and content
  • Small talks won’t be taken into account as an eligible tweet.
  • Insults and rumours won’t be tolerated and may lead to exclusion of the project
  • Produce tweets in good faith without any commercial influence
  • Create and/or re-tweet @eshre tweets promoting the Annual Meeting activities; speakers, networking activities three weeks prior to the start date of 25th June
  • Tweet under their real name

Please read our terms and conditions before applying.

Deadline for applications: Friday 12 May 2023 (23:59 CEST), submission closed