Annual General Assembly of Members

The Chairman and Executive Committee invite all ESHRE members to attend the Annual General Assembly of Members which will be held on Tuesday 27 June 2023, from 18.00 to 19.00 in Hall 5 of the Bella Center in Copenhagen (Denmark), venue of the 39th Annual Meeting.

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  1. Minutes of the last meeting (held at ESHRE 2022 – Milan, Italy - on Tuesday 5 July 2022 and published in Focus on Reproduction).

  2. Matters arising.

  3. Membership of the Society.

  4. Updated bylaws of the Society, in accordance with the draft of the articles of association which can be consulted on our website via the following hyperlink and first approval of the updated bylaws, subject to the condition precedent of its authentication before a Belgian public notary during an extraordinary general assembly to be held 30 June 2023.*

  5. Society activities.

  6. Human Reproduction journals.

  7. Financial report.

  8. Ratification of the new Executive Committee:
    • Retirement of the current Chair – Carlos Calhaz-Jorge – and installation of Karen Sermon as the new Chair.
    • Anis Feki to be appointed as the new Chair-Elect.
    • Richard Anderson (UK), Baris Ata (TUR), Ioana Rugescu (RO), Valérie Blanchet (FR), and Edith Coonen (NL) to step down as members having served two terms of office.
    • Aisling Ahlström (S), Giovanni Coticchio (IT), Kirsten Tryde Macklon (DK), Verena Nordhoff (DE), Nikolaos Polyzos (ES) to serve a second two-year term as members.
    • Gurkan Bozdag (TR), Dinka Pavičić Baldani (HR), Andrea Romano (NL), Stéphane Viville (FR), Lucy Frith (UK), Hilde Cotton (NO), as new members of the Committee.
    • Willem Ombelet (B) to step down as ex officio member and Chair of the SIG Committee and to be succeeded by Carlos Plancha (PT) as the new Chair of the SIG Committee.
    • Retirement of Cristina Magli, the current Immediate Past Chair.

  9. Election of the Honorary Members for 2024.
    • Hans Evers (the Netherlands)
    • Christina Bergh (Sweden)

  10. Any other business.

  11. Date of the next Annual General Assembly / Amsterdam, 9 July 2024.


*An extraordinary general assembly will also be held on 30 June 2023 at 14:30 P.M. at the offices of Mr. Yorik DESMYTTERE, public notary in Brussels, Lloyd Georgelaan 11. This extraordinary general assembly is convened to deliberate and to decide on the following agenda items:

  1. Reformulation of the disinterested purpose as well as the object of the association.
  2. Pursuant to the entry into force of the Law of 23 March 2019 introducing the Code of Companies and Associations and containing various provisions ("Companies and Associations Code"),
    (i) formulation of additional statutory provisions concerning, among other things, the register of members, proprietary claims, assets, liability, inspection rights, electronic general assembly, day-to-day management, internal regulations as well as general provisions related to notifications and ordinary law and
    (ii) the restatement, rearrangement and supplementation of existing statutory provisions related to, among other things, the members, accession of new members, membership fees, resignation and exclusion, end of the membership, the general assembly (composition, organization, powers…), the executive committee and representation.
  3. Updating the articles of association by establishing a completely new text in accordance with the decisions to be taken and by, among other things, removal of all unnecessary and/or incorrect provisions and all references to (the articles of) the Law of 27 July 1921 on non-profit associations, international non-profit associations, and foundations.
  4. Assignment to draw up the consolidated articles of association and to implement the decisions taken - powers of attorney.

Given the fact that the sole purpose of this extraordinary general assembly is to obtain an authentication of the draft of the updated bylaws (the draft of which you will find on our website here), your presence during this general assembly can be established by a power of attorney to a Belgian member and/or Mr. Bruno Van Den Eede, person tasked with the day-to-day management of the association, which is also attached to this convocation.

The statutory quorum of the general assembly consists of at least 50 members present or represented.

In case you complete and sign this power of attorney, which we highly recommend given the statutory quorum, we would kindly ask you to attach a copy (recto – verso) of your ID card and send us a scan of the signed power of attorney as well as the copy of your ID card by e-mail to