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Exhibit booth fees

  Booth type

Floor space only
Price per m², excl. VAT
Floor space + shell scheme
Price per m², excl. VAT 
 Inline booth
 (i.e. 1 side open towards aisle)
 415 Euro  499 Euro
 Corner booth
 (i.e. 2 sides open towards aisle)
 435 Euro  524 Euro
 Peninsula booth
 (i.e. 3 sides open towards aisle)
 456 Euro
549 Euro 
 Island booth
 (i.e. 4 sides open towards aisle)
 476 Euro

Furniture, graphics, electricity, etc. are at an additional cost and can be rented through the webshop of the congress venue (available as from January 2024).

FLOOR SPACE ONLY (up to max. 288m²)

  • Is a booth space without a shell scheme
  • It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to take care of the design, set-up, installation, cleaning and dismantling of the booth

FLOOR SPACE + SHELL SCHEME (up to max. 27m²)

  • Is a booth space including a shell scheme
  • It is designed for exhibitors who do not design and construct their own stand
  • It is set up, cleaned daily and dismantled by the official congress stand builder

Please note that your booth space should be separated from your neighbouring exhibitors by means of a wall.

The shell scheme includes:

  • White wall panels L100 x H250 cm
  • Carpet tiles (choice of 15 standard colours)
  • Facia board with company name on each open side
  • Spotlights 1 per4m² (11 watt)
  • Daytime power 3 kW (incl. double wall socket) 1 ea
  • Build-up and dismantling
  • Daily cleaning inside the booth before the opening hours (floor cleaning and emptying bins)

You can find the visuals of the shell scheme package under LINKS


A virtual exhibitor page is included in the booth space rental based on the square metres that you are booking.

  • Basic package for floor spaces from 9m² to 99m²
  • Superior package for floor spaces from 100m² to 198m²
  • Premium package for floor spaces from 199m² to 288m²
  • The virtual exhibitor page will be available on the desktop platform and in the congress app of the Annual Meeting.


Detailed instructions regarding your virtual exhibitor page will be provided after completing the booth space reservation.

How to book a booth space 


  • The booth spaces will be allocated in accordance with a ranking list. The ranking list is determined by the total credits that your company earned during the previous three Annual Meetings (i.e. 2021 + 2022 + 2023)

  • The booth assignment process for ESHRE2024 will follow the same system as before. We have established ranking deadlines during which you can reserve your booth.

  • Exhibitors who are not included in the ranking list and First-time exhibitors will have the opportunity to book their booth space as of February 2024. Kindly share your email address with us by sending it to This will allow us to notify you when it's time for you to book your booth space.


  • You will be able to reserve your booth space through an online booking form which will be provided to you when it’s your turn to book your booth space

  • It’s not possible to book your booth space before your ranking deadline.

  • You are allowed to book a maximum of two distinct booth spaces in the same hall. In that case the second booth must be placed opposite to your first one

  • Booking a booth space in two different halls is not permitted

  • You can find the exhibit floor plans with available booth spaces here

  • Please consult the building restrictions here


  • Exposure at all exhibit hall events:
        - Welcome Reception on Sunday evening 7 July 2023 at 20:00
        - 3 lunch breaks and 5 coffee breaks
  • Exclusive hours with no competing scientific sessions during the Welcome Reception, lunch and coffee breaks
  • Complimentary lunch and coffee for exhibitors
  • Stand holders are entitled to a number of free badges depending on the booth size. See ‘Badges stand holders