Building restrictions booths

Booth spaces
  • Minimum exhibit space = 9 m² (3m x 3m)
  • Maximum exhibit space = 288 m² (a total of 32 units of 9 m²)
  • You are allowed to book a maximum of two distinct booth spaces in the same hall. In that case the second booth must be placed opposite to your first one
  • Booking a booth space in two different halls is not allowed
  • Bookable aisles can also be reserved in units of 9m² (3m x 3m). So you can use the bookable aisles as a space to construct your stand. However, the emergency aisles must remain free of stands

Middle structures

Middle structures must not exceed the height of the walls. For instance, if you have a wall that is 2.5 meters high, then the middle structure can’t be higher than 2,5 metres


Bringing your own catering is not permitted. All catering must be arranged through the congress venue, RAI

Building heights and hanging banners
  • Islands: the maximum allowable building height is 4 metres

  • Inline, Corner and Peninsula booths: the maximum allowable building height is 2,5 metres (back and side walls). Your booth space should be separated from your neighbouring exhibitors by means of a wall. In case you are using roll-up banners only, then you still need to have a wall between you and your neighbour!

  • Hanging banners: they are allowed for Island, Inline, Corner, and Peninsula booths, with the lowest point of the hanging banner positioned at 4.5 meters above the floor. The hanging banners can have a maximum measurement of 1.5m, which brings the overall possible maximum height up 6 metres

  • Walls: In order to create an open exhibition environment, only 1/3 of each stand’s side facing an aisle can be covered by a wall

Stand approval
  • Deadline booth plans custom-made booths: all custom-made booth plans must undergo a review and approval by ESHRE. Booth plans should be sent to before 6 May 2024

  • Make sure to follow ESHRE’s instructions for stand approval, which you can find here

  • Please also check the RAI’s regulations which you can find on Facility regulations | RAI Amsterdam and


Plans building restrictions