Procedure and technique for embryo transfer in humans

Precongress Course 14

ASRM Exchange course


Course coordinator

Keith Ray (ASRM Simulation Programs)


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Course description

Reproductive health professionals receive training in various aspects of assisted reproductive technology and other procedures comprising infertility treatment. There is, however, a widespread gap in training in embryo transfer. The objective of this course for ART professionals who perform the embryo transfer procedure is to learn the common best practices in embryo transfer and practice embryo transfer techniques using a virtual reality-based simulator. Learners will use modules of progressive difficulty to develop motor and cognitive skills for performing embryo transfer. The goal is for practitioners to improve their embryo transfer technique.


Target audience 

Reproductive health professionals who perform embryo transfer procedures.


Educational needs and expected outcomes
There currently is no standardized embryo transfer procedure or methods for training professionals entering the field. At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to 1) describe the steps in the embryo transfer procedure in humans; 2) discuss best practices in embryo transfer in humans; and 3) implement the hands-on experience gained with the embryo transfer simulator into their practice.



Please note that the ASRM Precongress Course is a half day course that will be repeated in the afternoon. The group will be divided in two (A and B) and will switch at the break. Registrations for each course are limited to 30.


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