Calendar ESHRE Hybrid Campus events

Here you will find the calendar of ESHRE Campus events (workshops, courses and symposia). ESHRE Campus events attract the world’s leading specialists and represent great opportunities to attend state-of-the art lectures.

2022 Campus workshops are being organised to be in-person events with a virtual twist. They will be a blending of a traditional in-person event and an online event. Attendees can choose to attend in person or virtually. We have developed an exciting programme of courses and we hope you’ll enjoy the new format and way of learning.
We are constantly evaluating and adjusting our policy and adapting it to developing circumstances. Some ESHRE campus events might be postponed or transformed into virtual ones.


Endometriosis: what nurses and midwives should know for their daily practice

A Campus course with a variety of learning styles for nurses and midwives covering the care of endometriosis.

Hybrid - Paris, France

15-17 September 2022

Fertility preservation for benign indications

In this workshop we will discuss different benign conditions which may require fertility preservation. We will learn about the nature of these diseases and their treatment and whether fertility preservation is indicated or not.

Hybrid - Nice, France

22-23 September 2022

Male Reproductive Health

This Campus Workshop is aimed at helping raise awareness, encourage new thinking and dialogue, along with providing potential pathways moving forward for MRHI.

Hybrid - Budapest, Hungary

06-07 October 2022

Polyparenthood – ethical, legal and psychological challenges

This course will discuss the ethical, legal and psychological challenges that arise when families are created in which more than two people take up a parental role.

Hybrid - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

14-15 October 2022

New approaches for understanding early human development

The multidisciplinary campus course will cover currently trending state-of-the-art technologies, relevant for both developmental biology and stem-cell research.

Hybrid - Belgrade, Serbia

20-21 October 2022

Exploring planet blastocyst and its universe

The blastocyst stage has an impressive usage in modern IVF. This Campus Course will cover "all things blastocyst", from blastocyst transfer and cryopreservation to trophectoderm biopsy and automated evaluation using AI.

Hybrid - Rome, Italy

27-28 October 2022

Errors in ART

A Campus workshop which aims to define the potential for errors in the IVF lab and clinic and encourage an attitude of openness about them.

Hybrid - Athens, Greece

24-26 November 2022

Implantation failure, recurrent pregnancy loss and endometrial disorders

This course covers the elusiveness and complexity of implantation and pregnancy loss linked to the endometrium.

Hybrid - Vienna, Austria

01-02 December 2022

Fertility sparing in endometrial cancer

This course will cover all major aspects related to endometrial cancer and atypical hyperplasia, focusing on fertility and support in achieving a pregnancy.

Hybrid - Alicante, Spain

02-03 February 2023

Uterine fibroids and sarcomas

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Hybrid - Palermo, Italy

16-17 February 2023

Basic training course for infertility counselling: practice and new challenges

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Hybrid - Prague, Czech Republic

10-11 March 2023

Top quality in ultrasound: everything you always wanted to know about ultrasound in ART

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Hybrid - Bucharest, Romania

24-25 March 2023