Calendar ESHRE Campus events

Here you will find the calendar of ESHRE Campus events (workshops, courses and symposia).

ESHRE Campus events attract the world’s leading specialists and represent great opportunities to attend state-of-the art lectures.

Male factor infertility: the broad picture

This is a comprehensive course covering a wide range of factors and questions in male sub-fertility, and its diagnosis and management.

The impact of physical and chemical factors on human embryo culture

A comprehensive review of those factors which affect embryo development in culture, and the new methodologies for embryo culture.

Fertility care and sexuality - dilemmas and guidelines for daily practice

The course will provide an update on current knowledge regarding the importance of sexuality within fertility care.

Endoscopy in reproductive medicine

This course is designed to highlight the role of endoscopic surgery in reproductive medicine. The workshop also offers hands-on training in laparoscopy and suturing, with an opportunity to attend interactive live surgery sessions.

Gene editing tools in reproductive medicine

An examination of the current and potential place of gene editing in reproductive medicine based on evidence of feasibility, efficacy and safety.

Fertility preservation in children and adolescents: the next frontier

A Campus course designed to explore the current status of fertility preservation in boys and girls in terms of clinical approaches and ethical questions raised.

Top quality in micromanipulation: everything you always wanted to know about ICSI and embryo biopsy

A Campus course covering the basic and advanced techniques of ICSI and embryo biopsy, with time allowed for trouble-shooting and expert advice on everyday problems.

The new international PCOS Guideline: tying up loose ends

A detailed review of how the latest international guidelines on PCOS were developed from a strong scientific evidence base and from the input of women themselves affected by this common condition.

Genomics and embryo selection in assisted reproduction

A Campus course on the genomic basis of embryo selection with an emphasis on embryo viability and the prevention of genetic disease.

Deep endometriosis – from pathophysiology to clinic

An update on the basic and clinical aspects of deep endometriosis, with an emphasis on pain and its management

Quality Management in ART: new and practical insights from old concepts

A training course in the basic principles of quality management and an update on the skills needed for regulatory compliance.

Embryo innovation: the legacy of the past and visions of the future

A look at the past to see how the principles of the first research generation in IVF continue to shape our rapid progress today.

Endoscopy in reproductive medicine

An update on endoscopic surgery in reproductive medicine with hands-on training.

Unequal access to infertility care: causes and solutions

A comprehensive course designed to cover the implications of limited access to infertility care throughout the world and review the current and future actions needed to improve the situation.

Addressing the “extremes” in ovarian stimulation: new tools for poor and hyper responders

An in-depth consideration of high and poor responders in IVF with a view to individualised treatment, improved results and safety.