Calendar ESHRE Campus events

Here you will find the calendar of ESHRE Campus events (workshops, courses and symposia).

ESHRE Campus events attract the world’s leading specialists and represent great opportunities to attend state-of-the art lectures.

Male fertility preservation: how close are we to clinical practice?

This course will explore the latest advances in male fertility preservation and restoration with a focus on the most challenging aspects of stem cell maintenance, sperm development in vitro and/or transplantation.

Communication with patients and information provision

This course will provide the information and resources to improve the communication skills of healthcare professionals, help them develop meaningful information material for their patients and suggest approaches to communicate results of medical investigations and treatments.

Endoscopy in reproductive medicine

This course is designed to highlight the role of endoscopic surgery in reproductive medicine. The workshop also offers hands-on training in laparoscopy and suturing, with an opportunity to attend interactive live surgery sessions.

Current approaches in genetics and reproduction

This course will cover the latest developments in genetics applied to reproductive medicine, including sessions on PGD, embryo selection by PGS, counselling, and discussions of such controversial topics.

The future fertility of women cancer survivors

This course deals with fertility preservation treatments for female cancer survivors. It has a practical approach focusing on how to develop cryobiological platforms in a multidisciplinary manner and how to use different strategical approaches depending on urgency.

Evidence-based practice in the IVF laboratory

Some techniques and methods applied in IVF laboratories do not meet the criteria of evidence-based medicine. This course offers a critical assessment of the most common and significant practices that are still controversial or do not meet the criteria of evidence-based medicine.

The luteal phase: the neglected part of assisted reproduction?

An update on the endocrinology of the luteal phase, with a focus on its function in ART treatments.

In Vitro Modelling: from embryo to gametes

This Campus course will focus on the in vitro modelling of different aspects of early human development and present recent advances in the field of developing 3D in vitro models, from the embryo to the derivation of gametes. 

How does endometriosis cause pain?

An update on the current understanding of mechanisms behind endometriosis-generated pain.

Optimizing fertility preservation for women

information will follow

The Holy Grail of gamete and embryo assessment

A comprehensive overview on gamete and embryo assessment to improve the efficiency of ART.

Campus Course to prepare Nurses and Midwives for Certification

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Endoscopy in reproductive medicine

An update on endoscopic surgery in reproductive medicine with hands-on training.