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Calendar ESHRE Campus events

Here you will find the calendar of ESHRE Campus events. ESHRE Campus events attract the world’s leading specialists and represent great opportunities to attend state-of-the art lectures.

ESHRE Campus workshops are being organised to be in-person events with live broadcast. Registrants not traveling to the Campus event can watch all the Scientific Sessions live through the Workshop Event App. All registrants can access each individual presentation through on-demand recordings that will become available on the e-learning platform 3 weeks after the workshop has taken place.
We have developed an exciting programme of courses and we hope you’ll enjoy the new format and way of learning. We are constantly evaluating and adjusting our policy and adapting it to developing circumstances.


Quality Ultrasound in ART: everything you need to know

This extensive, hands-on course will cover the full range of applications for this imaging technique in the context of ART and early pregnancy with special focus on endometriosis.

Krakow, Poland

13-14 September 2024

Germ cells and gonads ex vivo: news, views and options

A campus covering advances in male and female germ cell development and differentiation, in vitro gametogenesis, and ex vivo methods of growing the gonad from animal models and humans, with a focus on ethical issues around germline genome editing.

Münster, Germany

03-04 October 2024

The endometrium in ART: truth and fallacies of the black box of embryo implantation

An in-depth appraisal of the latest evidence on the endometrium and its role in IVF success from improving the lab environment to optimizing frozen embryo transfer.

Athens, Greece

31 October-02 November 2024

The challenging ovary - innovative strategies and solutions

This course will cover the science of ovarian development and ageing, and how this translates into managing women with a poor response to IVF stimulation.

Brussels, Belgium

08-09 November 2024

New technology in the IVF lab

A comprehensive workshop on the latest technology for the IVF lab including non-invasive PGT-A, automatic vitrification, and AI for gamete and embryo selection; with hands-on sessions led by industry experts.

Manchester, United Kingdom

14-16 November 2024

Minimally Invasive surgery: a workshop and training-certification programme on laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and ultrasound in infertility

This course combines all that is new in the use of minimally invasive surgery for infertility with a joint ESHRE and ESGE training certificate for reproductive surgeons.

Leuven, Belgium

27-30 November 2024

The best route to IVF pregnancy

From suboptimal embryos to patient communication, this course will cover every aspect of modern IVF practice and how to improve quality of care.

Prague, Czech Republic

06-07 December 2024