Calendar ESHRE Campus events

Here you will find the calendar of ESHRE Campus events. ESHRE Campus events attract the world’s leading specialists and represent great opportunities to attend state-of-the art lectures.

ESHRE Campus workshops are being organised to be in-person events with live broadcast. Registrants not traveling to the Campus event can watch all the Scientific Sessions live through the Workshop Event App. All registrants can access each individual presentation through on-demand recordings that will become available on the e-learning platform 3 weeks after the workshop has taken place.
We have developed an exciting programme of courses and we hope you’ll enjoy the new format and way of learning. We are constantly evaluating and adjusting our policy and adapting it to developing circumstances.


Fertility education and reproductive decision-making: why, who, when and how?

This Workshop will address the fertility education needs among young adults, fertility patients and healthcare professionals.

Lyon, France

26-27 October 2023

From gametes to blastocysts: a continuous dialogue

During this Campus workshop practical clinical scenarios, learning how to approach and resolve challenging cases will be discussed in an interactive format.

Athens, Greece

02-04 November 2023

Factoring genetics in the management of implantation and early pregnancy

A focus on current and emerging applications of genetics in reproductive medicine, their clinical implications, putative medium and long-term effects.

Florence, Italy

10-11 November 2023

Off to a good start - periconception care to optimise fertility treatment outcomes

This course focuses on how to optimise periconception health of patients to improve ART outcomes.

London, United Kingdom

01-02 December 2023

Added value of endoscopic surgery in the era of ART + GESEA-ECRES Level 1 training session

A live surgery Campus workshop designed to demonstrate the added value of minimally invasive surgery.

Thessaloniki, Greece

07-09 December 2023

Changing aspects of communication in fertility care: a guide for fertility staff

A Campus workshop designed for all involved in fertility care to encourage effective patient communication through interactive and practical sessions.

Brussels, Belgium

08-09 February 2024

MAR is in the air! A campus course on environmental quality in the lab

A Campus course on managing air quality in the IVF lab, covering its assessment, classification and monitoring, with an emphasis on the detection of volatile organic compounds.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

08-09 March 2024

Two decades of fertility preservation: where are we?

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Rome, Italy

04-05 April 2024

When embryology meets genetics

A Campus course which considers the application of new techniques emerging from embryology and reproductive genetics for the assessment of gamete and embryo competence.

Prague, Czech Republic

18-20 April 2024

Improving fertility: from traditional medicine to high technology

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Porto, Portugal

29-30 April 2024

Changing aspects of communication in fertility care: a guide for fertility staff

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Stockholm, Sweden

02-03 May 2024

Infertility treatment of endometriosis: how, why & when

A comprehensive Campus course covering the mechanisms of infertility related to endometriosis and how it should be treated, with consideration of pain management and fertility preservation.

Cagliari, Italy

23-25 May 2024

Artificial intelligence, unregulated assisted reproduction, and psychosocial counselling: how far can we go?

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Brussels, Belgium

30-31 May 2024