Calendar ESHRE Campus events

Here you will find the calendar of ESHRE Campus events (workshops, courses and symposia). ESHRE Campus events attract the world’s leading specialists and represent great opportunities to attend state-of-the art lectures.

Our upcoming Campus workshops will be staged on our eCampus platform as virtual events.
We have developed an exciting programme of courses and we hope you’ll enjoy the new format and way of learning.


Adenomyosis: What we know, and what we don’t know

State-of-the-art view on pathogenic mechanism and clinical management of patients with adenomyosis.

Virtual event

12-13 March 2021

Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue

This is an in-depth course on the cryopreservation of ovarian tissue, primarily offered to cancer patients in need of urgent fertility preservation.

Virtual event

23-24 April 2021

The endometrium in health and disease

A Campus course on recent developments in endometrial research covering stem cell biology, the microbiome, the immune system and signalling pathways.

Virtual event

29-30 April 2021

Reproduction, hormones and the brain

A comprehensive update on the impact of reproductive hormones on conditions dependent on brain function.

Virtual event

06 May 2021

Gamete donors: sociodemographic profiles, motivations and treatment

A Campus update considering gamete donation from two ethical and practical perspectives: the anonymity or not of sperm donors, and the commercialisation of oocyte donation.

Virtual event

13-14 May 2021

Time-lapse technology in the IVF laboratory: Management, achievements and challenges

This one-day virtual Campus meeting will cover all major aspects of the management, achievements and challenges of time-lapse technology in the IVF lab.

Virtual event

22 May 2021

Reproductive tissue engineering and fertility preservation

An update of how new developments in stem cell research and bioengineering are offering opportunities in male and female fertility preservation.

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Dublin, Ireland

09-10 September 2021

Top quality in ultrasound

Everything you always wanted to know about ultrasound in ART and early pregnancy.  

Bucharest, Romania

24-25 September 2021

The genetics of male infertility

A two-day course covering all the genetic testing currently available for male infertility

Rome, Italy

30 September-01 October 2021

Errors in ART

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Athens, Greece

18-20 November 2021

A focus on the luteal phase: hormonal control of the window of implantation and beyond

A comprehensive course on endometrial receptivity and the luteal phase in assisted reproduction.

Lübeck, Germany

05-07 May 2022