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Fertility education and reproductive decision-making: why, who, when and how?

ESHRE Campus workshop

SIG Ethics and Law SIG Global and Sociocultural-Aspects of Infertility SIG Psychology and Counselling  

organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Groups Ethics and LawGlobal and Socio cultural Aspects of Infertility and Psychology and Counselling

Course description

Aiming to provide current knowledge on the need for fertility education and the existing educational resources available. The course will address the fertility education needs among young adults, fertility patients and healthcare professionals.

Target Audience

Psychologists, counsellors, nurses, midwifes and healthcare professionals who want to enhance their knowledge on fertility awareness and reproductive decision-making.


Session 1: Fecundity and fertility. Reality vs perception
Which factors influence fecundity and fertility - Jacques De Mouzon, France
What we know about what people know about fecundity and fertility - Juliana Pedro, Portugal
The gap between reproductive intentions and reproductive outcomes - Eva Beaujouan, Austria

Session 2: Putting fertility education on the agenda
UK’s fertility education initiative - Jacky Boivin, United Kingdom
Prevention of involuntary childlessness as a public health policy: Denmark leading the way - Søren Ziebe, Denmark
Turning fertility awareness into a political agenda in France - Samir Hamamah, France

Session 3: Fertility education in practice
Fertility education in secondary schools - Joyce Harper, United Kingdom
Fertility education in young adults - Jacky Boivin, United Kingdom
Fertility education: is it effective - Eri Maeda, Japan

Session 4: Tread carefully
Attitudes towards reproductive health promotion - Karin Hammarberg, Australia
Tailoring the message to the audience - Bola Grace, United Kingdom

Session 5: And the healthcare professionals? Are they educated?
Fertility knowledge of healthcare professionals - Mara Simopoulou, Greece
Initiatives on educating healthcare professionals - Karin Hammarberg, Australia

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