Course description

Course type


Course description

This course aims to provide the current knowledge on the needs for fertility education and the existing educational resources. The course will address the fertility education needs among young adults, fertility patients and healthcare professionals. The sessions will address the fertility education initiatives, their development, effectiveness and applications. Ultimately, aiming to educate and promote an evidence-based approach combined with training and clinical experience.


Target audience

Psychologists, counsellors, nurses, midwifes and healthcare professionals who want to enhance their knowledge on fertility awareness and reproductive decision-making.


Educational needs and expected outcomes

This course aims to fulfil the education and professional training needed by these professionals, namely:

  • Acquire basic knowledge on education needs on fertility;
  • Share and discuss the evidence on education initiatives and resources;
  • Build a peer support network with participants and presenters.

Innovative aspects

This workshop is the opportunity to bring together experienced researchers, psychologists/counsellors, nurses and midwifes and other healthcare professionals in the field of reproductive medicine and reproductive health, which will contribute to provide newcomers in the field with a peer network that, can support them in their practice.


Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions


The official language of the course is English.