Course description

Course type


Course description

This is a Campus course with a focus on practical aspects in reproductive medicine. We cover technical topics, such as how and when to biopsy for PGD, the technological changes we have faced and how to deal with results and secondary findings. There will also be presentations on embryo selection and PGS. The programme includes talks on patient counseling and closes with presentations on the controversial topics of genome editing and mitochondrial replacement. The course is designed for those in the clinical lab, and aims to provide knowledge that is relevant to daily practice. The Campus offers submission of abstracts, either for presentation as a short oral communication or as a poster. The presence of a many international experts will allow close interaction and rewarding discussion both in the Q&A sessions and during the poster viewing time.

Course objectives

  • To provide clinically relevant information, with a focus on best current practices
  • To catch up with the latest genetic developments in ART
  • To enable fruitful discussions on methods and counselling

Target audience

Geneticists, clinicians, embryologists, and psychologists in ART, regulatory bodies and basic researchers in reproductive genetics.

Educational needs and expected outcomes

The course is designed for those in the clinical lab, and aims to provide knowledge relevant to daily practice. We expect that the course will provide an update on best practices.

Innovative aspects

The programme contains expert presentations on current methods and counseling, a session on RCTs in PGS, and discussion of novel advances in reproductive genetics. The aim is to provide knowledge directly applicable to daily practice.

Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Poster presentation


The official language of the course is English. 

Certificate of attendance

Participants can only obtain a certificate of attendance after completing the online evaluation. After the course, ESHRE will send an e-mail with the link and more information.