Course description


Course type


Course description

This course will look at developments in gamete and embryo donation within the wider context of new family relationships and networks.

The course will examine:

  • the development of ‘networks’ as a consequence of donor-conceived people (and their families) meeting their donor (and their families)
  • the growth in direct-to-consumer genetic testing and its implications for donor anonymity
  • the clinical implications of the changing face of donor conception

Target audience

Counselors, clinic staff (nurses, doctors, support staff), academics, policy makers and regulators.


Educational needs and expected outcomes

The course will introduce participants to recent developments in genetic testing, regulation and governance structures in gamete and embryo donation, counselling implications, and new research on the social and ethical aspects of connections between the donor, donor-conceived people, donor siblings and their wider family groups


Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Case discussions


The official language of the course is English. 

Certificate of attendance

Participants can obtain a certificate of attendance after completing the workshop evaluation on the App. After the course, ESHRE will send an e-mail with the link and more information.