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Course description

Recent research in stem cell biology, the role of microbes and their interactions within the human body, and the role of the immune system have led to novel discoveries in reproductive and endometrial biology – and hence a better understanding of the cellular pathways governing tissue homeostasis, tissue regeneration and disease.
This Campus workshop will bring together leading experts in these investigational fields to present cutting-edge views on the stem cell biology of the endometrium, its microbiome, the local immune system and functions, and the inflammatory, hormonal and neuroangiogenic signalling pathways.
Basic and translational aspects, their potential application to improved patient care, and other future directions will be also discussed.


Target audience

Scientists, clinicians and technical staff working in the field of gynaecology, reproductive biology, endometrial biology, reproductive endocrinology.


Expected educational outcomes

  • To give an overview of the role of stem cells in the endometrium
  • To explain the composition and role of the endometrial microbiome
  • To give an updated view on the cytokine/inflammation, hormonal and neuro-angiogenesis signalling pathways


Innovative aspects of the course

Novel topics are addressed


Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions


The official language of the course is English.