Course description

Course type


Course description

This course will discuss errors in ART from a multidisciplinary perspective and will focus both on the lab and the clinic. The course will examine:

  • What can go wrong in the hands of the embryologist?
  • What can go wrong in the hands of the clinician?
  • How can mistakes and errors be prevented?
  • How open should we communicate about errors?
  • What are the legal ramifications of errors in ART?

This course hopes to break the taboo on errors and enable a more transparent communication in the interest of better patient care.

Target audience

Embryologists, clinicians, ethicists, lawyers, legal scholars, patient representatives, nurses, midwives, quality control managers


Educational needs and expected outcomes

Participants will acquire knowledge about potential errors in ART, the impact they have on different stakeholders, and the ways to prevent them and deal with their fallout. A professional attitude of openness and insight into the concept of responsibility will be encouraged.

Innovative aspects

A large taboo still rests on errors in ART. Although all labs/clinics encounter them, there is very little openness about them , although we can learn a lot from each other’s mistakes.

Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Case presentations
  • Case discussions


The official language of the course is English.