Course description

Course type


Course description

In this workshop we will discuss different benign conditions which may require fertility preservation. We will learn about the nature of these diseases and their treatment and whether fertility preservation is indicated or not. Other non-medical indications such as transgenders and certain genetic conditions and the questions raised in these groups will also be discussed. We will hear about the challenges as seen from the lab and address the ethics of fertility preservation.


Target audience

Doctors and nurses interested in fertility preservation, clinical and laboratory scientists


Educational needs and expected outcomes

At the end of this workshop the participants

  • will be familiar with alternative indications for fertility preservation; i.e. non-malignant indications
  • will learn about different treatment modalities, medical as well as surgical, that may justify fertility preservation
  • will recognise the ethical issues to be considered as well as the challenges that sometimes arise with fertility preservation for benign indications.


Innovative aspects

This is the first course on fertility preservation for benign reasons, a growing indication for fertility preservation.


Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions


The official language of the course is English. 


Certificate of attendance

Participants can obtain a certificate of attendance after completing the workshop evaluation. After the course, ESHRE will send an e-mail with the link and more information.