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Educational track


SIG Psychology and Counselling    developed by the ESHRE Special Interest Group Psychology and counselling

Psychology and counselling in MAR




Target audience

Psychologists and counsellors (junior/senior), Researchers (junior/senior), fertility care professionals

Topics included

  • Psychological aspects of infertility and ART
    - Recommendations
    - General
    - Sexuality in infertile couples
    - Stress and infertility
    - Cross cultural specificities in infertility

  • Third party reproduction
    - Recommendations
    - General

  • Fertility Preservation: psychological aspects
    - Recommendations
    - General
    - Elective fertility preservation
    - Transgender

  • Fertility awareness
    - General aspects

  • Communication with patients
    - Recommendations
    - General aspects

  • Psychological aspects in specific situations
    - Endometriosis
    - PGT counselling
    - COVID-19

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