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Environmental Seminar

Impact of the Environment on Human Fertility and Reproductive Health

On 11 and 12 May 2023, ESHRE hosted a Seminar and Expert Meeting titled "The Impact of the Environment on Human Fertility and Reproductive Health". This insightful event brought together experts from various fields to shed light on the crucial relationship between environmental factors and reproductive health.

Throughout the seminar, distinguished speakers shared their expertise on the intricate interplay between the environment and reproductive health. Each lecture delved into specific aspects, providing attendees with valuable insights and thought-provoking findings. The presentations covered a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the detrimental effects of pollution on fertility rates to the influence of climate change on reproductive health outcomes. The presentations are now available on the ESHRE eCampus

One of the focal points of the seminar was the discussion surrounding chemicals and endocrine disruptors. Experts explained the potential hazards posed by these substances to human fertility and the occurrence of malformations. The comprehensive exploration of these critical issues prompted engaging debates and enriched the participants' understanding of the subject matter.

Following the seminar, an expert meeting was organised to deliberate on the implications of the presented research. This interactive session fostered productive discussions, resulting in the formulation of a set of recommendations based on the collective expertise and insights shared during the event. To read more about the recommendations please click here.

The seminar served as a catalyst for the development of additional outcomes and resulted in factsheets summarizing key findings. These resources aim to disseminate the knowledge gained from the seminar to a wider audience and contribute to further research and understanding in the field. You can access them here.