Webcast Precongress Courses

PCC01: From standardization to individualization

Valerie L. Peddie (United Kingdom)
Nursing research on the last consult of patient sending treatment  
Frank J. Broekmans (The Netherlands)
Optimizing stimulations  
Julius Hreinsson (Sweden)
Individualized approach to culturing embryos (PGS, embryoscope, blastocyst culture, ca-ionophore, etc.)  
Kai Wong (The Netherlands)
Freeze all strategy in IVF/ICSI treatment  
Gijs Teklenburg (The Netherlands)
Recurrent miscarriage. A failure of embryo selection?  
Helene Westring Hvidman (Denmark)
Predicting success for individual patients  

PCC02: Keep the sperm in mind when perfecting ART: News and perspectives in spermatology

Gerhard Van der Horst (South Africa)
Sperm competition: its influence on sperm in different species  
Victoria Sanchez Chirinos (Germany)
Origin of DNA damage in sperm  
Sheena E. M. Lewis (United Kingdom)
The impact of sperm DNA damage in assisted conception  
Timo Strünker (Germany)
CatSper Ca2+ channels: polymodal sensors in sperm  
Jackson Kirkman-Brown (United Kingdom)
Current and future relevance of sperm motility assessment in ART  
Sandra Laurentino (Germany)
Epigenetic aspects of sperm: What could go wrong?  
Niels Geijsen (The Netherlands)
Controlling pluripotency in the germline  

PCC03: What a clinical embryologist should know on the daily practice

Ronny Janssens (Belgium)
Controlling the in vitro environment: How/what to assess?  
Roger Sturmey (United Kingdom)
Learning from the in vivo environment to meet the changing metabolic demands of the embryo  
Helen M. Picton (United Kingdom)
Sperm and oocyte metabolic demands  
Daniel Brison (United Kingdom)

The impact of the in vitro environment on embryonic and long term health - no webcast available
Julius Hreinsson (Sweden)
Conventional indicators and benchmarks  
Carlos Plancha (Portugal)
Critical assessment of outcomes  
Antonio Gouveia Oliveira (Brazil)
Basic statistics for lab personnel?  
Stephen G. Hillier (United Kingdom)
Ten questions to help to read and understand a scientific paper  

PCC04: Endometriosis and infertility

Amelie Fassbender (Belgium)
The omics of endometrial receptivity and implantation in endometriosis  
Ertan Saridogan (United Kingdom)
Is there an ideal assisted reproductive technology-protocol for women with endometriosis?  
Carla Tomassetti (Belgium)
The Endometriosis Fertility Index  

PCC05: Global (in)fertility: Cross-cultural challenges for counsellors

Arthur Greil (U.S.A.)
Cross-cultural dynamics and the social construction of infertility: is it stressful for everyone?  
Marcia Inhorn (U.S.A.)
Infertility and assisted reproduction in the Muslim Middle East: Social, religious, and resource considerations  
Mariana Martins (Portugal)
Does culture affect the way men and women respond to infertility? A comparative study of coping and stress in 7 countries  
Mariana Moura-Ramos (Portugal)
What can we do for you? Expectations of clinical staff concerning psychosocial support services: do they vary across Europe?  

PCC06: When IVF fails: Optimal management of recurrent implantation failure

Frank J. Broekmans (The Netherlands)
Efstratios Kolibianakis (Greece)
Welcome and introduction  
Basil C. Tarlatzis (Greece)
What is RIF and when should patients abandon treatment?  
Paul Devroey (Belgium)
The embryo in RIF: genetic selection and strategies for improving its implantation potential  
Dimitrios Goulis (Greece)
Endocrine causes of recurrent implantation failure  
Efstratios Kolibianakis (Greece)
How important is the peri-ovulatory hormonal environment (estradiol, progesterone, luteinizing hormone) for embryo implantation?  
Frank J. Broekmans (The Netherlands)
Optimizing embryo transfer technique for RIF management  
Tin-Chiu Li (Hong Kong)
Can surgery assist in the management of RIF?  
Dimitrios Goulis (Greece)
Paternal contribution to RIF  
Tin-Chiu Li (United Kingdom)
Manipulating the endometrium: Can RIF be managed by inducing endometrial inflammation or by the use of novel research therapies  

PCC07: Genetic and genomic mechanisms and markers associated with gamete and embryo quality

Claudia Spits (Belgium)
Mechanisms of transmission of aneuploidies in human embryos  
Carmen Rubio LLuesa (Spain)
Sex-specific differences in recombination in human meiosis- relevance to gamete formation and fertility  
Alberto Ferlin (Italy)
Karyotyping of single sperm to obtain information on pathobiology, pharmacogenetics and effects of age  
Sioban Sengupta (United Kingdom)
Signatures of mRNAs and micro RNAs in human preimplantation embryos before and after genome activation  
Guoping Fan (U.S.A.)
Gene regulatory mechanisms underlying progressive development of early mammalian embryos: Single Cell RNA-Seq Analysis  
Luca Persani (Italy)
Predicting women’s reproductive life span and premature ovarian failure by genetic markers  

PCC08: Quality assurance of ultrasound in medically assisted reproduction (MAR)

Michael Zitzmann (Germany)
Ultrasound diagnostic management in subfertile men  
Frank Vandekerckhove (Belgium)
Ultrasound monitoring of controlled ovarian stimulation  
Arianna D'Angelo, MD (United Kingdom)
Standardisation of interventional ultrasound  
Kelly Tilleman (Belgium)
Infection control in ultrasound  

PCC09: Early pregnancy and the role of stem cells

Angel Raya (Spain)
The many flavors of stem cells: stem cell types and their potential for regenerative medicine  
Hugh Taylor (U.S.A.)
Endometriosis: pathogenesis and therapeutic perspectives through stem cells  
M.H. Emanuel (The Netherlands)
Welcome to the real world: no reality in the next five years (con)  
Ewka Nelissen (The Netherlands)
Epigenetics and early pregnancy: how imprinted genes affect placentation  
Emma Kirk (United Kingdom)
Implantation outside the endometrium: why ectopic pregnancies implant outside the uterus  

PCC10: Current information and communicaton practices in reproductive medicine: Challenged by the internet

Jan Kremer (The Netherlands)
Quality enhancement through online patient-communication about fertility treatment  
Robert Klitzman (U.S.A.)
Using the internet for recruitment of gamete donors  
Luca Gianaroli (Italy)
The new generation patients: the internet as a new tool to access IVF  
Sarah Norcross (United Kingdom)
Using the internet/social media to educate society about infertility: from prevention to access  
Wannes Van Hoof (Belgium)
Patients’ perception of quality: lessons from online discussion regarding reproductive treatments. A qualitative analysis of internet forum debates between Dutch patients undergoing or considering IVF treatment in Belgium  
Ilke Turkmendag (United Kingdom)
The role of internet forums in the policy process of the UK’s removal of donor anonymity  
Kenan Omurtag (U.S.A.)
Incorporating social media into practice: a blueprint for reproductive health providers  

PCC11: Challenging reproductive surgery

Vasilios Tanos, MD, PhD (Cyprus)
Laparoscopic management of large ovarian cyst  
Sotirios Saravelos (Hong Kong)
Case presentation and panel discussion 
Tin-Chiu Li (Hong Kong)
Severe Asherman's syndrome  
Stephan Gordts (Belgium)
Management of cervical and broad ligament myoma  
Sotirios Saravelos (Hong Kong)
Case presentation and panel discussion  
Giuseppe Bigatti (Italy)
Management of large submucous myoma and multiple submucous myoma - is there a limit?  
Mostafa Metwally (United Kingdom)
Operating on obese patients  
Sotirios Saravelos (Hong Kong)

Case presentation and panel discussion - no webcast available

PCC12: Academic authorship programme - The A to Z of research: From study design to publication: how to get it right

Johannes Evers (The Netherlands)
Principles of study design, treatment  
Edgardo Somigliana (Italy)
Principles of study design, diagnosis  
Madelon Van Wely (The Netherlands)
Sample size, power, interim analysis  
Michele Boiani (Germany)
Does basic science publishing have separate issues?  
Felice Petraglia (Italy)
Ethical issues of performing and publishing research  
Richard Sharpe (United Kingdom)
Writing a study up  
Phil Bishop (The Netherlands)
Publishing research, now and in the future  
Johannes Evers (The Netherlands)
What do journals expect? Human Reproduction  
Felice Petraglia (Italy)
What do journals expect? Human Reproduction Update - no webcast avilable

PCC13: ASRM exchange course: How to provide infertility care for the aging couple?

Hugh Taylor (U.S.A.)
New treatments for menopausal women  

PCC14: MEFS exchange course: The ABCs of infertility management: Revisited

Robert W. Rebar (U.S.A.)
The roles of ovulation documentation and timed intercourse in increasing the likelihood of pregnancy in women trying to conceive  
Thomas D'Hooghe (Belgium)
How would ovarian reserve testing influence the probability of natural pregnancy in women with subfertility?  
Thomas D'Hooghe (Belgium)
Does measurements of sperm-mucus interaction (Post-coital Test) influence the chances of conception?  
Robert W. Rebar (U.S.A.)
Anti-sperm antibodies: Any role for screening in modern fertility management?  
Craig Niederberger (U.S.A.)
Would the presence of varicocele alter fertility management of couples?