Patient experiences and preferences regarding embryo transfer

We would like to thank all the patients and patient organisations that contributed to this survey. Without their time and effort, this attempt to gather information on patient experiences and preferences regarding the number of embryos to transfer would not have been feasible.

We have now closed the survey. All data has been collected for further analysis in the framework of an upcoming ESHRE guideline on the number of embryos to transfer.

One, two or three? How many embryos to transfer back in the womb?

ESHRE Survey in collaboration with our patient partner organisation Fertility Europe

Have you been through IVF or offered fertility treatment? Are you worried about having twins? Have you been informed about the risks of different options?

There is very little information on the wishes of patients when it comes to know how many embryos to transfer during in vitro fertilisation treatment.

At ESHRE, we are looking at the scientific and clinical evidence to publish an international guideline on the topic of embryo transfer, but we realized we are missing information on what our patients really want.

Please complete our survey and let us know what you know, what you wish and what you have experienced regarding the number of embryos to transfer during in vitro fertilisation treatment and the chances of having children. This survey is done in collaboration with Fertility Europe, our patient partner organisation.

Your input will be a very important resource for our guideline for fertility doctors.

Please note that some questions or answers might not be applicable to your situation because IVF regulations differ across countries. You will be able to skip them.