ESHRE Position statements and papers

Statements, opinions, responses about recent highlights and milestones in the field of reproductive science and medicine can be found in this section .

European Health Data Space

October 2022 – ESHRE joined a group of 35 stakeholders in welcoming the European Commission’s proposal on the European Health Data Space and shares stakeholders’ recommendations on how to make the digital transformation a success across Europe.

Research and actions on infertility and MAR

June 2022 – Research and actions on infertility and Medically Assisted Reproduction: key topics to be considered for funding


May 2022 – ESHRE puts forward recommendations for responsible innovation, aiming to improve access to innovations for MAR patients, while at the same time ensuring the efficacy and safety of treatments.


January 2022 - Europe needs registries to protect the intended parents, third-party donors and children born from Medically Assisted Reproduction

Revision of the EU legislation on Blood Tissues and Cells

June 2021 - ESHRE is actively involved to ensure that the specificities of medically assisted reproduction are considered and the voice of MAR professionals is heard in the revision of the EUTCD.

These position statements are directed at policy makers. For position statements directed at professionals, please go to this page