Joint IFFS/ ESHRE statement on COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women and those considering pregnancy

Anna Veiga – ESHRE / Spain
Luca Gianaroli – ESHRE /Italy
Steve Ory – IFFS /USA
Marcos Horton – IFFS / Argentina

Current advice on the administration of COVID-19 vaccines in women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy has been summarised in a joint statement from ESHRE and the IFFS. While the vaccine manufacturers are reportedly planning clinical trials to include pregnant women, no specific data on the vaccines’ effects in pregnancy have yet been made public and advice is very limited.

The IFFS/ESHRE statement reviews current choices based on benefits and risks of vaccination for both women who plan to conceive but are not yet pregnant and those who are actually pregnant.

The statement aims to help healthcare providers and their patients make these decisions.

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