Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Haematopoietic stem cells Improvements for Quality and Safety (ARTHIQS) 

This is a 3 year project funded by the European Commission dealing with ART and Haematopoietic Stem cells for transplantations.


A guide for ART inspectors

ESHRE Contributors and their positions at the time:
Kersti Lundin, Sweden, Chairman ESHRE EU Affairs Committee
Carlos Plancha, Portugal, former ExCo member, member ESHRE EU Affairs Committee

WP4 is entirely devoted to ART with the aim of enhancing expertise at official level to increase quality and safety of practices throughout the EU. ESHRE is invited to attend the interim meeting to give professionals insights and needs regarding ART institutional framework.

As a deliverable of WP4, a guidance manual was developed for inspections in ART aimed at defining the profile of ART inspectors and at representing a guide for them during inspections of ART centers.

During the ESHRE Annual Meeting in Barcelona, there was a ARTHIQS Round Table on ‘ART Regulation Activity’ discussing on the relationship between the European Commission, the Competent Authorities, the professional societies and ART practitioners.  Please login first to see the webcasts here