The link between endometriosis and pain

Our precongress course in Barcelona - Endometriosis - from beginning to end will offer participants an intriguing overview of the different aspects of endometriosis: how endometriosis affects women's quality of life and the risk of diseases that occur during peri-menopausal or postmenopausal phases, from a life-course epidemiological point of view.

Campus meetings
On 27-28 September this year we are running a Campus course in Copenhagen on How does endometriosis cause pain? at which we welcome clinicians, clinical researchers, basic scientists and patient associations. The course will focus on our current understanding of the mechanisms behind endometriosis-generated pain ands on research methodologies for both preclinical and clinical research. Exciting updates on peripheral, central and visceral pain mechanisms, as well as hormonal influences on pain, will be included. An thorough overview on the role of the somatic nervous system in endometriosis and on the role of neuropelveology will also be presented. Later, in-depth reviews of comorbid pain conditions and alterations in the central nervous system specifically for endometriosis will be given. The role of the pelvic inflammatory environment and macrophage function on endometriosis pain is the overall objective of the course, focusing on translational aspects and animal models for pelvic pain, and the importance of patient-reported outcome measures and standardisation of data collection will be investigated. We are looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen.

Carla Tomassetti
Co-ordinator SIG Endometriosis and Endometrial Disorders